Eliminate Time Theft

Why your business needs a time and attendance system

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Digital Clock-In-Out

No more paper time sheets, no more time theft

Improved business efficiency

No More Paper Timesheets

Time to go digital

No need for paper timesheets with RosterElf.

Our digital time and attendance system is a complete digital solution with clock-in-out records instantly stored in the cloud and accessible 24/7.

Setup once and let employees self clock in and out for shifts.

Digital Time and Attendance

End Buddy Punching

Stop employees clocking in for colleagues who are late or no-shows.

Each employee has a unique code to record clock in and out events and are also required to leave photo proof of their attendance.

GPS location data also ensures employees are physically at the workplace.

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Employee Accountability

Let employees record their attendance at work

RosterElf puts the ownership on employees to record their time and attendance data digitally.

Using either GPS smartphone or tablet kiosk device, each employee can self check in and out for shifts as well as leave comments for management.

No more chasing up weekly timesheets.

GPS Smartphone

Employees can clock in and out from their phones

Our GPS smartphone app allows employees to use their own phone to clock in and out.

The application ensures employee are physically at the required work location using highly accurate GPS pin technology.

Employees simply need to download the app and record their shift times.

Digital Time and Attendance
Happy Staff

Tablet Kiosk

Download out tablet kiosk Time Clock app

RosterElf’s tablet kiosk Time Clock app is available for iOS and Android tablets.

Simply mount a tablet in your business and employees can instantly clock in and out for shifts with all data displayed live on your account.

Great option for fixed location businesses.

"Time saver"

5 Star Review

"Switching to RosterElf has saved us hours each week in timesheets and rostering. Great work guys."

Ash Cox

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Time Theft Questions?

We have the answers.

What is time theft?

Time theft is when employees are paid for hours they did not work. This usually happens through falsifying time and attendance records.

Why is time theft bad for my business?

Recent studies have shown the average employee steals up to 4.5 hours per week from their employer. Over a year, at $25 per hour, this equates to time theft and therefore lost profits of of $5,850 per year!

Why will digital time and attendance eliminate time theft?

Digital time and attendance eliminates time theft by keeping employees accountable for their actual start and finish times using digital solutions that cannot be edited or manipulated.

What device options does RosterElf offer for eliminating time theft?

RosterElf has two options for customers to record digital time and attendance, either tablet kiosk app or GSP smartphone app.

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