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The Ultimate Free HR Toolkit

A collection of HR tools to manage your team simply.

The complete guide of free HR tools includes:

  • Performance reviews templates
  • Employee Onboarding checklists
  • Job interview questions
  • Thoughtful job descriptions and                 
  • More!

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How does the toolkit work?

We understand just how much administrative time it takes to run a business. From daily challenges to unexpected changes, there is always something popping up, forcing you to think on your feet and act quickly.

That’s why we’ve pulled together the best HR tools of 2021. With this complete guide, you’ll feel confident springing into action and taking back control of unforeseeable events.

With an HR plan, you can make more time for the things that matter, such as employee engagement and customer service.

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What is included in the HR Toolkit?

Employee onboarding checklist template rosterelf

Onboarding Checklist

An effective onboarding process involves helping new hires become familiar with their new role. Through the process, they should be able to connect with their new team and better understand the expectations of the job. With a thorough onboarding checklist, you can help your new hire find success in their new role sooner.

The following onboarding checklist includes what to do before they start, what to do on their first day, and what their first week should include. Onboarding new employees is a reflection of the company, and the more planning and care that goes into the process, the more your new hire will feel excited and eager about joining.

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Common Job Interview Questions

Conducting an interview isn’t always easy, and for some people, it doesn’t come as naturally. Often, hiring managers don’t have the right questions prepared. Therefore, they don’t have the chance to collect the correct information to make a wise and informed hiring decision. But building your team and furthering the business’s success hinges on the employees that you hire.

Because of this, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of common job interview questions that you can use right away. These questions will help you build a solid interview structure that empowers you to hire the best candidates by giving you the necessary data to make the right decision. We recommend choosing the questions that best fit what you’re looking for in a candidate.

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Common job interview questions rosterelf
Job application template rosterelf

Job Application Template

Making sure you have the right staff in the right roles is critical to growing your business. To ensure that you are collecting the correct details and undertaking a detailed review of applicants, use this job application template. From work experience to education and references - you’re able to collect a range of important information.

In addition, this job application template also includes core questions that give insight into why the candidate wants to work for your business, any challenges they’ve had to overcome in previous roles and details about a time when they had to manage someone else. You can then analyse their problem-solving skills and any learnings they took from these scenarios to determine if you’d like to bring them in for a further interview.

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Job Description Template

A poorly written job description has the power to turn away the best of talent. As a reflection of your company’s goals and missions, they are crucial to the success of the organisation and the culture that you build. The more detailed and descriptive job descriptions are, the better they will be at attracting and retaining high-quality talent.

Your job description should include the responsibilities of the role, the background required to fulfil the position, the perks and benefits of the job and a brief description of the company’s vision and mission. Job descriptions can promote greater employee engagement and productivity. The following job description template is a great start to ensure you attract the best talent.

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Job description template rosterelf
Performance review template rosterelf

Performance Review Template

Whether annually, quarterly or monthly, performance reviews are integral to the success of a business. Not only do they allow you to manage performance, but they also allow employees to give feedback and speak openly about challenges in their role. A performance review keeps communication open, improves overall performance and increases employee retention.

When done right, performance reviews can help employees understand what they’re doing right, what they can improve, and how their performance aligns with larger company goals. The RosterElf performance review template covers several performance characteristics, special projects and a review of responsibilities.

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Reference Check for Phone and Email

Reference checks are an important part of the recruitment process. When performing a reference check, you understand whether or not the candidate worked at the company they said they did and carried out the responsibilities listed on their resume. They allow you to verify a candidate’s skills, experience and character before deciding whether or not to hire them.

But for a reference check to be effective, you must do them properly. With these reference checks for phone and email templates, you can ensure that you’re asking the right questions and speaking with the right people to get the information you need. The template includes general and performance-related questions plus email and phone scripts.

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Reference check for phone and email template rosterelf
Warning letter template rosterelf

Warning Letter Template

As an employer, you may find it challenging to deal with underperformance in employees. Underperformance can happen for several reasons, including misunderstanding their responsibilities, not feeling motivated, not having access to the proper resources or personal issues. In any case, it must be dealt with appropriately.

A formal warning letter is a written notice that informs an employee of unsatisfactory performance. After you’ve met with the employee to discuss the problem in person, you would issue a warning letter. RosterElf’s warning letter templates are perfect for first, second and final warning letters. It’s important to note that taking disciplinary action for underperforming employees varies from one industry and employment contract to another.

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