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RosterElf's employee scheduling tool provides business owners with a simple yet powerful employee scheduling solution.

Our staff scheduling app is entirely cloud-based, meaning management can create, edit and push rosters from anywhere 24/7 using a computer or our range of iOS or Android apps

Live schedule costings ensure managers always know the actual cost of each roster before publishing and can optimise shift times to maximise profitability, all while ensuring sufficient coverage during busy times. 

Employee apps update employees so they know when and where they are working and of any last-minute changes. 

Weekly Rostering Tool

Easily visualise your weekly schedule

RosterElf rostering weekly view

RosterElf's clean design makes planning employee schedules a breeze.

Simply add shifts, set start and finish times and then let RosterElf automatically suggest the best employees based on qualifications and availability for your staff roster. 

Alternatively, copy a past employee schedule or re-use roster templates to make the process faster. 

Managers can also use our suite of apps to update and re-publish rosters from the convenience of their smartphones. 

New and updated employee rosters are communicated by email, SMS or in-app push notifications.

RosterElf rostering weekly view
RosterElf Daily Employee Rostering Software

Daily Scheduling Tool

Drag and drop

RosterElf Daily Employee Rostering Software

RosterElf's daily employee scheduling view provides a great way to visualise the coverage across each day.

Use our shift sliding bars to visualise and optimise each shift's start and finish times, ensuring sufficient employee coverage at peak times and managing labour costs throughout the day.

Drag and drop shifts between days, copy past rosters, and reuse staff roster templates to make scheduling fast and efficient.

There has never been an easier way to visualise and create the perfect employee schedule.

Labour Costs

Accurate roster budgeting

Approved hours for payroll

Our live budget tool automatically calculates labour costs as you build your employee schedule in real-time. 

Our team scheduling software prevents surprises on pay day or when reviewing the financials weeks later. 

Managers will always know the actual labour cost before publishing and have time to make any adjustments. 

With simple employee scheduling software, you can quickly meet your business KPIs, including total hours, labour cost percentages and average pay rates.

Approved hours for payroll
RosterElf Perfect Match View

Manage Schedule Conflicts

Leave and staff availability are easy

RosterElf Perfect Match View

Scheduling staff with RosterElf's perfect match algorithm is now a breeze. 

Qualified and available staff will be the only ones put forward for the shift, and you will have several options to choose from. So forget calling around looking for someone to fill a shift.

Our employee scheduling software is also a lifesaver when staff call in sick or want to swap a shift. Once the request goes in, our automation finds a suitable replacement, with the right skills, in seconds. So not only do you save time, but you also end up with the best staff for the position of your staff roster.

Time and Attendance

Track employee attendance

RosterElf Time Clock App

Once you have rostered employees to work using our staff scheduling tool, RosterElf's time and attendance apps will track actual attendance on shift.

RosterElf offers both GPS smartphone and tablet app options, which can be set up and operational in minutes.

You can prompt employees to leave notes when working different hours from the roster. These notes can then be reviewed by management when approving payroll

RosterElf Time Clock App

Staff Scheduling App

iOS and Android apps designed to help you schedule staff

With simple to use, intuitive shift scheduling apps, your managers and staff are kept up to date, no matter the changes.

Changes to shift times, new shift swap opportunities, time-off requests and setting availability are now in their hands. No more excuses for missing availability or turning up for a shift late with the RosterElf Employee Scheduling Apps.

Staff shifts available to edit on app

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Our customer service experts help answer questions, optimise your team scheduling set-up, and solve your tricky technical challenges.

We're often asked, is RosterElf the best work scheduling app in the world? We certainly believe so. Our ethos is to develop Magically Simple Staff Scheduling software that simply works for business owners and their teams.

                              RosterElf Scheduling View

Great Employee Scheduling Software

5 Star Review

This is a great system. It’s simple and easy to use, quick to Roster staff, and saves a heap of time with payroll. I also like the fact I’m not getting charged monthly fees when I’m not using it, the ability to only pay for what I use is super helpful. Well worth trying out if you’re looking for Rostering / Scheduling software.

Ilana Borsje | Happy Little Cafe

Manager’s online dashboard view

Employee Scheduling Software


What is Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee scheduling software is a computer program that enterprise managers can use to control their workers' shifts.

One way to think of employee scheduling software is, maximised efficiency and productivity, two things HR managers constantly battle, particularly regarding resources like staffing or energy. Employee scheduling software allows you to establish optimal schedules for your employees by matching them with appropriate tasks given each person's skill set, availability, location, etc.

It also removes paperwork - coordinating staff positions would be done manually in days past. Now, all those changes get managed from a mobile roster app or a desktop website like RosterElf that synchronises effortlessly with employee smartphones and tablets!

This gives employers essential data in real-time for making decisions.                              

Why is Staff Scheduling Important?

Staff Scheduling is crucial because it minimises labour costs, saves valuable time and cuts down on wasted productivity.    

Scheduling is an essential strategic process for ensuring good use of staff to meet organisational goals. It's also a key mechanism for balancing the needs of clients, colleagues and oneself.

Staff schedules are not created in a vacuum but depend on all aspects of your business, including goal setting, peer/colleague satisfaction, client demands and market competition. The resulting schedule should be internally consistent and balanced with external elements such as political, climate or economic environment.

When staff scheduling is correct, it can create tremendous benefits in terms of workplace productivity - increases in workflow allow further progress towards goals set externally or internally - but with sustainability comes risk, which you mitigate with careful process planning.                              

What are the benefits of scheduling staff?

Scheduling staff prevents poor performance due to fatigue, stress, or boredom.

When someone is tired because they spend too much time on the job, their mental alertness declines, and their physical coordination becomes sluggish. As a result, they're more likely to make mistakes that could create safety hazards for themselves and others.

The second type of distraction managers should worry about is an emotional distraction - surrounded by a routine that doesn't interest them makes it difficult to focus on the task.

Thirdly, employees have different skill sets, which make some tasks easier for them than others. As a result, bored people will typically gravitate towards doing those things they are skilled for rather than continue doing the things they don't like, leading to increased absenteeism rates.

Finally, when workers spend many hours on the job, they also spend many hours away from home. When managers can't get feedback from their staff on their feelings, this can affect their performance. Employees will avoid reporting problems because there is no way for them to know that the problem isn't due to a lack of interest or skill rather than actual physical or psychological fatigue.

What is staff scheduling?

Staff scheduling is arranging and assigning staff to particular positions at different times to optimise staffing efficiency in the business.

Good quality staff scheduling can help ensure that there is always adequate staff coverage at popular or busy times of the day or that there is some form of a break for the worker.

For example, suppose an organisation has a high-volume demand in the mornings before 10 am. In that case, it may want to schedule its most experienced and skilled staff members to work during this time to reduce any risk of poor performance due to fatigue or stress.

The staff scheduling process can be complex as it involves a wide range of people with various skills and personalities.

What is scheduling software used for?

Scheduling software is a critical tool for individuals and businesses to use. It allows the ability to manage their own time, track employees' schedules, and easily track any changes that happen along the way!

RosterElf's Scheduling software will assist with Staff Scheduling and interpret your employee awards, push payroll data through to your chosen accounting system, clock in/out staff, handle staff availability, and much more.

Start a free 30-day trial today.

How do I make a staff schedule?

Excellent question! We’ve created a complete guide to assist with your staff scheduling. Find out more here:  How to build the perfect roster.

What makes RosterElf’s scheduling software different?

RosterElf can help schedule your entire team, plan their breaks, and give you shift swap confirmations. You also have access to many more features like managing labour costs or cloning individual days' schedules for other days for rapid scheduling.

How do I create an employee schedule with RosterElf?

Creating your first staff schedule with RosterElf is easy - add shifts, set shift times, assign employees and publish! Read this ARTICLE to learn all the tips and tricks. 

What is the difference between daily and weekly scheduling views?

RosterElf offers two views in its scheduling tool, daily and weekly. The daily scheduling view is best for optimising daily start and finish times whist the weekly scheduling view is best to review overall weekly coverage and employee fatigue. Read more about the difference between the two scheduling views HERE

How do I save my employee schedule as a draft?

You can save a draft schedule if you have built a staff schedule on RosterElf but are not ready to publish. Learn about how to save employee schedules as drafts HERE

How do I edit a published employee schedule?

Despite the best planning, things like changes in expected demand or employee sickness may mean you may need to edit and re-publish an employee schedule. RosterElf makes updating and re-publishing employee schedules easy. Read how HERE

How to do find available employees for a staff schedule?

RosterElf's employee scheduling tool makes finding available employees for shifts easy. The scheduling tool considers employee availability and leaves applications to automatically suggest the most qualified and available employees for each shift. Learn about it HERE

How can I set un-paid breaks in my employee schedule?

In many industries, businesses must give employees unpaid breaks to manage fatigue. RosterElf's scheduling software enables businesses to set un-paid break rules automatically. Read about setting unpaid breaks in employee schedules HERE.

How can I allow employees to see full staff schedule?

With RosterElf, businesses can allow employees to view only their shifts, or you can customise the scheduling tool to allow employees to view the entire business roster. Read how to customise this setting HERE.

How can I view the total hours each employee has been scheduled?

Do you want to see each employee's rostered hours for the week? Read this ARTICLE to learn how. 

How can I budget for labour costs?

RosterElf's employee scheduling tool has a powerful labour budgeting feature that lets managers view total hours, estimated labour cost, average pay rate and even labour to sales percentage. Read about how to use the budgeting tool HERE

How can I delete a published employee schedule?

If you have published an employee schedule but, due to unforeseen circumstances, need to delete it completely, RosterElf makes the process easy. Read how to delete employee schedules that have already been published and ensure staff are notified of the change HERE.

How are employees schedules communicated to my employees?

When you publish a roster, options for communicating to employees include SMS, email and app push notifications. Learn how to select how you want to communicate a new or updated employee schedule HERE

How can I colour code my employee schedule?

Colour coding is an excellent way for managers to visualise employee schedules and ensure sufficient coverage of key positions across the week. Learn about how to customise colours by position on your employee schedule HERE

How can I copy shifts from one day to another?

With RosterElf, users can easily copy shifts from one day to another when creating an employee schedule. Learn about how to copy a shift from day to day HERE.

How can I set sales targets on my staff schedule?

Suppose your business is in hospitality or any other industry where the staff schedule needs to adjust to sales revenue. In that case, it is a great idea to set daily and weekly sales targets using our staff scheduling tool. Learn about how to set sales targets and maximise your profits HERE.

How can I view past employee schedules?

With RosterElf, all your account history, including employee schedules in the past, are kept securely on your account. Learn how to view past employee schedules HERE

How can I print out a copy of my employee schedule?

After publishing online using RosterElf, you can easily print out a copy of any employee schedule. To learn how - click HERE

How to I use scheduling templates?

RosterElf allows users to save past employee schedules as templates and re-use them in the future, saving a lot of time. To find out how to save and re-use employee templates, read HERE

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