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Streamline Shift Scheduling

Cloud-Based Planning for Efficient Staff Scheduling

Simplify roster planning with our advanced employee scheduling software.

Boost scheduling with our top shift planning tool.

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Staff Scheduling App

The best online solution

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Our cloud-based Employee Rostering Tool, known as one of the best employee scheduling software solutions, revolutionises the way you manage staff scheduling, offering a powerful yet simple solution for businesses of all sizes.

Our employee shift scheduling app is entirely cloud-based, meaning management can create, edit and push rosters from anywhere 24/7 using a computer or our range of iOS or Android apps

Live schedule costings ensure managers always know the actual cost of each roster before publishing and can optimise shift times to maximise profitability, all while ensuring sufficient coverage during busy times. 

Employee apps update employees so they know when and where they are working and of any last-minute changes. 

Weekly Rostering Tool

Easily visualise your weekly schedule

Weekly Staff Scheduling Made Simple with Our Online Software

RosterElf's Shift Management Interface design, a contender for the best employee scheduling software, makes planning employee schedules a breeze.

Add shifts, set start and finish times, and then let RosterElf automatically suggest the best employees for your staff roster based on qualifications and availability. 

Alternatively, copy a past employee schedule or re-use roster templates to make the process faster. 

Managers can also use our suite of apps to update and re-publish rosters from the convenience of their smartphones. 

New and updated employee rosters are communicated by email, SMS or in-app push notifications.

Weekly Staff Scheduling Made Simple with Our Online Software
RosterElf Daily Employee Rostering Software

Daily Scheduling Tool

Drag and drop

RosterElf Daily Employee Rostering Software

RosterElf's daily employee scheduling view provides a great way to visualise the coverage across each day.

Use our shift sliding bars to visualise and optimise each shift's start and finish times, ensuring sufficient employee coverage at peak times and managing labour costs throughout the day.

Drag and drop shifts between days, copy past rosters, and reuse staff roster templates to make scheduling fast and efficient with our best work scheduling software.

There has never been an easier way to visualise and create the perfect employee schedule.

Labour Costs

Accurate roster budgeting

Approved hours for payroll

Our live budget tool, a key feature of our best employee scheduling software, automatically calculates labour costs as you build your employee schedule in real time. 

Our team shift scheduling software prevents surprises on pay day or when reviewing the financials weeks later. 

Managers will always know the actual labour cost before publishing and have time to make any adjustments. 

With simple employee scheduling software, you can quickly meet your business KPIs, including total hours, labour cost percentages and average pay rates.

Approved hours for payroll
RosterElf Perfect Match View

Manage Schedule Conflicts

Leave and staff availability are easy

RosterElf Perfect Match View

Scheduling staff with RosterElf's perfect match algorithm, a highlight of our best staff rostering system, is now a breeze. 

Qualified and available staff will be the only ones put forward for the shift, and you will have several options to choose from. So forget calling around looking for someone to fill a shift.

Our employee scheduling software is also a lifesaver when staff call in sick or want to swap a shift. Once the request goes in, our automation finds a suitable replacement, with the right skills, in seconds. So not only do you save time, but you also end up with the best staff for the position of your staff roster.

Time and Attendance

Track employee attendance with the Best Work Scheduling Software

RosterElf Time Clock App

Once you have rostered employees to work using our staff scheduling tool, RosterElf time and attendance apps will track actual attendance on shift.

RosterElf offers both GPS smartphone and tablet app options, which can be set up and operational in minutes.

You can prompt employees to leave notes when working different hours from the roster. These notes can then be reviewed by management when approving payroll

RosterElf Time Clock App

Staff Scheduling App: Manage shifts on-the-go with our mobile apps.

iOS and Android Apps

With simple to use, intuitive shift scheduling apps, your managers and staff are kept up to date, no matter the changes.

Changes to shift times, new shift swap opportunities, time-off requests and setting availability are now in their hands. No more excuses for missing availability or turning up for a shift late with the RosterElf Employee Scheduling Apps.

Staff shifts available to edit on app

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We're often asked, is RosterElf the best work scheduling app in the world? We certainly believe so. Our ethos is to develop Magically Simple Staff Scheduling software that simply works for business owners and their teams.

                              RosterElf Scheduling View

Great Employee Scheduling Software

5 Star Review

This is a great system. It’s simple and easy to use, quick to Roster staff, and saves a heap of time with payroll. I also like the fact I’m not getting charged monthly fees when I’m not using it, the ability to only pay for what I use is super helpful. Well worth trying out if you’re looking for Rostering / Scheduling software.

Ilana Borsje | Happy Little Cafe

Manager’s online dashboard view

Optimise Your Workforce with RosterElf's Scheduling Solution

Discover How Our Advanced Scheduling Software Transforms Employee Management

What is Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee scheduling software, like RosterElf, is a digital solution designed to automate the creation and management of a workforce's shift schedules. It facilitates optimal shift allocation, availability tracking, and seamless integration with payroll services, catering to the needs of businesses looking for efficient shift work scheduling software.

Why is Staff Scheduling Important?

Efficient staff scheduling is crucial for maximising productivity and ensuring operational efficiency. It helps businesses manage their workforce effectively, aligning staff availability with business needs, which is a core feature of shift roster software like RosterElf.

What are the Benefits of Scheduling Staff?

Benefits include improved productivity, reduced labour costs, enhanced employee satisfaction by honouring their availability and preferences, and better service delivery. RosterElf’s staff scheduling program is designed to achieve these outcomes for businesses of all sizes.

What is RosterElf's Shift Scheduling App?

RosterElf’s shift scheduling app is a cloud-based platform that streamlines the process of creating and managing employee rosters. It offers features like drag-and-drop scheduling, automatic availability tracking, and instant updates, making it an optimal solution for shift work scheduling.

What is Staff Scheduling?

Staff scheduling involves assigning employees to shifts or tasks based on their availability, skills, and business requirements. RosterElf’s staff schedule software simplifies this process, ensuring efficient workforce management.

What is Scheduling Software Used For?

Scheduling software is used to automate the planning of work shifts, manage employee availability, streamline payroll processing, and improve overall workforce management. RosterElf’s shift scheduling software offers these capabilities, tailored for diverse industries.

How Do I Make a Staff Schedule?

Creating a staff schedule with RosterElf involves setting up your business requirements in the app, entering employee availability, and using the software to auto-generate a schedule that meets your needs, showcasing the ease of use of employee scheduling programs.

What Makes RosterElf’s Scheduling Software Different?

RosterElf stands out for its user-friendly design, comprehensive functionality, including real-time cost tracking, and seamless integration with payroll systems, making it a leading choice for businesses searching for effective employee work schedule software.

How Do I Create an Employee Schedule with RosterElf?

To create a schedule, log into RosterElf, input shift details, employee availability, and let the software suggest the optimal rostering solution. This process demonstrates the efficiency of RosterElf’s personnel scheduling software.

What is the Difference Between Daily and Weekly Scheduling Views?

RosterElf’s daily view allows managers to focus on individual day schedules, making precise adjustments as needed, while the weekly view offers a broader overview of the entire week’s schedule, facilitating comprehensive planning.

How Do I Save My Employee Schedule as a Draft?

With RosterElf, you can save your work in progress as a draft by selecting the ‘Save as Draft’ option, allowing you to return and finalise your schedule at a later time, a feature that enhances the flexibility of staff scheduling programs.

How Do I Edit a Published Employee Schedule?

To edit a published schedule in RosterElf, simply access the schedule, make the necessary adjustments, and republish. This feature ensures that managing a staff schedule software remains a dynamic and responsive process.

How to Find Available Employees for a Staff Schedule?

RosterElf allows you to view employee availability in real-time, making it easy to find and assign shifts to available staff, showcasing the practicality of using a shift roster software for dynamic workforce management.

How Can I Set Un-Paid Breaks in My Employee Schedule?

RosterElf enables you to designate breaks as unpaid within the scheduling interface, ensuring accurate labour cost calculations and compliance with work regulations, a key feature of comprehensive rostering and scheduling software.

How Can I Allow Employees to See Full Staff Schedule?

RosterElf provides employees with access to view the full staff schedule through its mobile app or web platform, promoting transparency and communication within the team, a benefit of advanced staff scheduling programs.

How Can I View the Total Hours Each Employee Has Been Scheduled?

In RosterElf, you can easily view a summary of total hours scheduled for each employee, aiding in workload management and labour cost control, highlighting the analytical capabilities of employee scheduling programs.

How Can I Budget for Labour Costs?

RosterElf’s labour cost forecasting tools allow you to budget effectively by providing real-time cost analysis as you create and adjust schedules, demonstrating the financial management benefits of shift work scheduling software.

How Can I Delete a Published Employee Schedule?

Deleting a schedule in RosterElf is straightforward; simply select the schedule you wish to remove and choose the delete option, ensuring managers can easily manage their scheduling responsibilities.

How Are Employees Schedules Communicated to My Employees?

RosterElf communicates schedule updates to employees via email, SMS, or push notifications through its mobile app, ensuring everyone is informed of their shifts in real-time, a key advantage of using staff scheduling software.

How Can I Colour Code My Employee Schedule?

Colour coding is available in RosterElf to help differentiate roles, shifts, or departments for a visually organised schedule, enhancing the usability of employee roster software.

How Can I Copy Shifts from One Day to Another?

RosterElf allows you to copy shifts easily, enabling efficient schedule replication for similar days, a feature that simplifies the scheduling process in staff scheduling programs.

How Can I View Past Employee Schedules?

RosterElf archives all schedules, making it simple to review past rosters for reference or analysis, a useful feature for businesses focusing on continuous improvement in staff scheduling.

How Can I Print Out a Copy of My Employee Schedule?

Printing schedules from RosterElf is easy; select the schedule view you wish to print and use the print function to obtain a hard copy, catering to businesses that require physical schedules.

How Do I Use Scheduling Templates?

RosterElf allows you to create and save scheduling templates, which can be reused for regular scheduling needs, streamlining the rostering process and demonstrating the efficiency of using a staff scheduling program.

What Are the Key Benefits of Using a Work Scheduling App like RosterElf?

Key benefits include time savings, reduced scheduling errors, improved labour cost management, enhanced employee satisfaction, and greater overall operational efficiency, showcasing why RosterElf is a leading choice for those seeking an employee scheduling program.

Why is Efficient Staff Scheduling Crucial for Businesses?

Efficient staff scheduling optimises workforce management, ensuring the right staff are working at the right times. This leads to improved productivity, reduced labour costs, and enhanced employee satisfaction by accommodating their availability and preferences, ultimately contributing to better service delivery and profitability.

How Does RosterElf Simplify Shift Scheduling?

RosterElf’s shift scheduling app streamlines the rostering process with user-friendly tools like drag-and-drop scheduling, automatic employee availability tracking, and instant shift updates. This makes it easy to create and adjust rosters, communicate changes, and manage labour costs effectively, all from one platform.

How Can I Create an Efficient Employee Schedule with RosterElf?

With RosterElf, you can create an efficient employee schedule by using its smart rostering features that consider staff availability, qualifications, and labour costs. Start by adding shifts, defining roles and times, then letting RosterElf suggest the best matches or use templates for quick scheduling.

What Differentiates Daily and Weekly Scheduling Views in RosterElf?

The daily scheduling view in RosterElf allows managers to focus on the day's shift coverage, adjusting times and roles as needed, while the weekly view provides a broader perspective of the entire week’s rosters, facilitating long-term planning and adjustments across multiple days.

How Does RosterElf Enhance Staff Schedule Management?

RosterElf enhances staff schedule management by offering features like saving schedules as drafts, editing published schedules, finding available employees quickly, setting unpaid breaks, and allowing staff to view schedules. These tools ensure flexibility, efficiency, and transparency in workforce management.

What Are the Key Benefits of Using RosterElf for Work Scheduling?

Key benefits of using RosterElf include automated shift planning, real-time labour cost control, easy schedule adjustments, seamless payroll integration, and improved employee satisfaction through self-service availability and shift swap functionalities. RosterElf simplifies scheduling tasks, saving time and reducing errors.

How to Budget for Labour Costs with RosterElf?

RosterElf provides real-time labour cost calculations as you build your schedule, allowing you to adjust shifts and staffing levels to stay within budget. Its reporting features also enable managers to monitor and analyse labour costs against revenue, helping in strategic planning and decision-making.

What Sets RosterElf Apart as the Best App for Employee Scheduling?

RosterElf stands out due to its intuitive design, comprehensive scheduling features, and smart technology. Key highlights include:

  • User-friendly interface for easy scheduling.
  • Advanced matching of staff qualifications and availability.
  • Real-time updates and communication tools.
  • Detailed insights into labour costs and scheduling trends.
  • Exceptional customer support and continuous improvement.

These features ensure RosterElf is an efficient, reliable scheduling tool for businesses of all sizes.

How Does RosterElf Compare to Other Event Staff Scheduling Apps?

RosterElf is designed for flexibility and ease of use in event settings, offering:

  • Tailored features for dynamic event scheduling needs.
  • Scalability for events of any size.
  • Direct communication tools for instant updates.
  • Matching of shifts with staff qualifications and availability.
  • Mobile access for on-the-go schedule management.

This makes RosterElf an ideal choice for event organisers looking for a seamless scheduling experience.

Creating Efficient Work Schedules: How RosterElf Streamlines the Process

RosterElf simplifies scheduling with:

  • Automation of repetitive scheduling tasks.
  • Smart scheduling to avoid staffing imbalances.
  • Seamless integration with payroll and time tracking systems.
  • Customisable views for better oversight.
  • Employee self-service for availability and shift swaps.

By using RosterElf, businesses can create efficient schedules quickly, allowing more focus on growth and service quality.

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