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Scheduling for your business shouldn't take hours and result in you pulling your hair out.

  • Online Employee Scheduling System
  • iOS and Android Apps for Scheduling on the go
  • Built in Staff Availability Management
  • Integrate your chosen payroll systems like Xero, MYOB, or Sage
  • Automate your staff comms with Push Notifications and E-mail communication
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Roster Scheduling Daily staff schedule view Roster Scheduling Daily staff schedule view

Business shift scheduling software

The best online employee scheduling software for small and medium business

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Daily Staff Scheduling

Easily edit daily or weekly work schedules

RosterElf's daily scheduling view allows you to quickly and easliy select staff using our Perfect Match system. Once you have the right team member with the right qualifications you can slide the bars to quickly adjust the daily schedule.

Once you've mapped out the perfect schedule for the day simply click through to roster out the end of the week. You can also clone the days schedule to other days at the click of a button.

Once you're finished simply publish the roster and allow the automatic system to notify the relevant staff when and where they are working. You can also save each week as a template to roster in seconds for coming weeks. Creating schedules for your team each week is now just a few clicks away.

Financial Forecasts

Determine you wage bill as you schedule, not weeks after the shift

Our live budget tool automatically calculates wages costs as you build your employee schedule. No more surprises on pay day or when reviewing the financials weeks later with our team scheduling software.

Now you can easily meet your business KPI's including total hours, labour cost percentages, and average pay-rates.

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Approved hours for payroll
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Manage Schedule Conflicts

Automate Away Employee Scheduling Challenges with Perfect Match

Scheduling staff with RosterElfs perfect match algorithm is now a breeze. Qualified and available staff will be the only ones put forward for the shift and you will have a number of options to choose from. Forget calling round looking for someone to fill a shift.

Our Perfect Match system is also a life saver when staff call in sick or want to swap a shift. Once the request goes in our automation finds the right replacement, with the right skills in seconds. Not only do you save time you end up with the best staff for the position.

Staff scheduling app

iOS and Android Apps designed to help you schedule staff

With simple to use, intiutive shift scheduling apps your managers and staff will be kept up to date no matter the changes.

Changes to shift times, new shift swap opportunities, time off requests, and setting availability are now all in the palm of their hands. No more excuses for missing availability or turning up for a shift late with the RosterElf Staff Scheduling Apps.

Staff shifts available to edit on app for scheduling

Key Benefits

Top 6 Benefits of a Roster Management Tool


Save Up To 8 Hours a Week

Save time with updated staff availability, simple roster building, communication updates instantly, approving time-sheets and entering payroll data.


Save 4% on Labour

Set financial business targets, view labor costs in real-time and approve staff hours by reducing time theft through a digital clock in and out.


Employee Accountability

Using the staff roster app, employees are responsible for keeping their availability up to date and are always aware of rostered shifts through clear staff communication.


Reduce Time Theft

Stick to your business budget and save money by reducing theft by tracking attendance and using our digital clock in/out.


Roster By Skillset

RosterElf’s unique ‘Perfect Match’ algorithm will ensure that the most qualified and available employees are rostered on for each shift and shift swaps.


Award Interpretation

With payroll software integration and award interpretation automatically calculated, you can ensure you are staying Fair Work compliant no matter the changes that occur in your roster.

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Questions about RosterElf’s shift scheduling sytem?

Our team of customer service experts are here to help you answer questions, optimising your staff scheduling setup, and solve your tricky technical challenges.

We're often asked is RosterElf the best work scheduling app in the world? We certainly believe so. Our ethos is to develop Magically Simple Staff Scheduling software that simply works for business owners and their teams.

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