RosterElf Glossary


A dashboard within software services such as RosterElf provides a glance of the different areas and an overview of your business, that managers can access and action from. The dashboard provides a general scope of where your business is at and any activities that may need attention or actioning.

Managers and business owners who are logging in to their RosterElf account will be directed straight to the dashboard. Different types of managers such as assistant or payroll managers will have different dashboard permissions. Only account owners will have full permissions to view and change the entire RosterElf account for their business.

The RosterElf dashboard provides an overview of key areas of your account which covers; account setup, trends, leave, shift swaps, clock-in-out, and staff availability. The dashboard offers a great way to check in or manage different areas of your business and ensure everything is running smoothly.

RosterElf recommends business owners and managers to check in and action any pending activities, ensuring the account is maintained and organised properly. The dashboard is a great way to understand the ins and outs of your business and ensure a healthy business.

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