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Excel Roster Template

An excel roster template is a spreadsheet version of roster scheduling and staff management. Some businesses may create and publish their rosters via a spreadsheet, which is then shared around the business. The roster spreadsheet displays details including employee name, position, start/finish times. Managers are able to print or save a copy of the roster as a PDF. RosterElf provides a free excel roster template for businesses using excel to roster employees.

The roster template allows you to create and publish rosters and ensure you stay on budget. Managers will be able to save or print their rosters which includes employee details such as name, position and start/finish times.

The RosterElf excel spreadsheet is fully customizable to meet your business needs - no matter how many staff and shifts you may need to include. Managers can fill in the week that the roster is being published, and enter in employee names and I.D.s from Monday to Sunday.

If a manager is unhappy with the roster, they can simply select ‘clear’ which will clear all the fields. Managers can share the PDF via email to all their staff, who will be able to view the roster for the week ahead. Managers can start filling in the roster template here. Once happy with final rosters, businesses can then print them and post them up in the staff room for everyone to see.

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