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With some web browsers, such as Google Chrome one of their features is to be able to save a webpage that you visit often and want to save instead of continuously searching for it. This is called saving a webpage as a bookmark or favourite. It makes it easier for users to easily go and find a specific page instead of having to repeatedly search for it.

This feature is usually represented as a star within the search bar. Just as you would usually bookmark or save a website as a favourite, with RosterElf you have the option to save a roster template as a favourite roster to use again and again. This is usually the case for businesses who use the same roster over special events or seasons such as Christmas period or study period. It comes in handy for managers when building a large roster and wishes to reuse a similar roster from before.

Managers simply need to select ‘Copy Favorite’ and it will bring up a list of favourited rosters that have been ‘bookmarked’. RosterElf will also take into consideration any unavailability and approved leave, by prompting a warning before you publish the roster.

This saves managers countless hours of trying to rebuild a large roster and can smartly roster for an upcoming seasonal campaign. For example, hospitality businesses tend to have large rosters, especially during Christmas/New Years, which means they can copy a favourite roster which was last used during a similar season.

To learn more about rostering and re-using favourites click here. Business owners and managers can contact 1300 353 000 or to book in a demo session with a dedicated Customer Success consultant.

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