The team at RosterElf are excited to announce that our new Reports section is live.

We thank the hundreds of customers who have provided invaluable input into this new functionality as we have worked to understand reporting needs across various industries.

Today, the Reports section goes live with three reports: Availability, Rostering & Payroll and Staff.

1. Availability 

The Availability report provides a simple visual way to understand your employees' availability in a given period, taking into account their availability to work submission and approved leave applications submitted by RosterElf.

The report allows you to select a period and filter by the site to give you powerful insights into your business's labour coverage. It also includes an availability percentage score for each employee so that you can see the availability level for each of your staff at a glance.

You can view this data on the screen, which appears as colour-coded bars, or print the report out to keep it on record in your business as future leave requests are made. This report also includes an availability percentage score for each employee so that you can see the availability level for each of your staff at a glance.

2. Rostering & Payroll

This report allows you to export rostered times, clock-in-out and payroll-approved times in a couple of clicks.

Select the date range and the sites you wish to include, and RosterElf will generate a custom report which you can print as a PDF or export into CSV format.

The Rostering & Payroll report includes a complete history that will ensure handling pay queries or conducting business reviews is easy.

3. Staff 

The staff report provides an easy way to export all your employee information, including name, email, mobile number and date of birth, for import into other software, email or systems.

This data can export as a printable PDF or CSV file.

You will also notice that we have three more reports with a "Soon" label: Budgeting, Leave and Shift Swaps. These reports are in progress now, and we will let you know as soon as they are live on your account.

RosterElf's new reporting section aims to add reports that add value to our customers continuously, so if you have any suggestions, please send them to

We look forward to sharing many new updates like this in the coming months.


CEO & Founder @ RosterElf

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