Rostering staff with RosterElf just got even easier! We are pleased to announce the launch of our new "Favourite Roster" functionality which replaces the old "Roster Template" system. This new feature is powerful and can save you even more time rostering.

Users can save any roster as a Favourite to re-use as a roster template anytime in the future.

To save a roster as a favourite, click the star icon on the top right of the screen, type a name for the favourite, and we will save it on your account to use anytime when publishing a roster in the coming weeks.

A "Favourite" will include all shift information, including positions, start and finish times and employees. However, users can also include blank shifts.

This is an excellent way of locking in your key employees on their regular shifts and using this same roster weekly.

All you will need to do is fill in the empty shifts using our Perfect Match tool, which will suggest qualified staff available to work at that time and then publish your roster! For more information on how our new Favourites rostering function works, watch our demo video: How to Use Favourites