We are excited to announce our newly launched live webinar series. You will have the chance to learn more about rostering, payroll, staff management and RosterElf. 

Our first free live webinar, “How to use our Xero payroll integration?” will take place on July 4 at 11:00 am AEST.  


Free live webinar: How to use our Xero payroll integration?

Learn all about RosterElf’s Xero payroll integration and how it can help your business boost efficiency, reduce labour costs, and ensure your employees are paid for their work hours. This way, you are always Fair Work compliant.

What you will learn:

✅ Learn how to set up payroll

✅ Get expert insights and hacks to improve payroll

✅ Stay compliant with payroll

✅ Save over 100 hours every year by automating payroll

✅ Ask questions and discuss with other attendees during the webinar


Rewatch the last payroll webinar.

What our customers say about our payroll integration

"RosterElf is great! Simple, logical and intuitive. No complicated settings, just easy setup. Rostering is now a 2-3 minute task each week, and weekly payroll is done in a max of 5 minutes." 

- Brad McMaster from Andele Pty Ltd

"Great support team and easy-to-use intuitive product. Saves me hours each week with payroll."

- Jeremy Read from Butterfly 73

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