Gone are the days of scribbling down your staff's timesheets or misplacing manual paperwork in the office. Instead, several businesses and industries require time and attendance records to meet compliance and keep business costs to a minimum.

RosterElf provides an easy-to-manage digital timesheet rostering solution which compliments your payroll process.

Time Clock Tablet App 

TimeClock is a free tablet app allowing your staff to clock in and out of shifts and lunch breaks and record sick leaves. Managers can log in to their RosterElf account on the web version and see live Time Clock activities. Managers can also add extra staff into the day's shift to accommodate for busy than usual traffic.

Businesses can mount their Android or iOS tablets in the back room of their business premise, where it is safe, and employees can easily access them. If your business does not currently have access to a tablet for Time Clock, businesses can request to enable GPS smartphone clock in.

Staff can also leave comments or notes outside the tolerance time, e.g. if they are late to their shift or work overtime. Managers can also choose to enable photo proof, where staff take a selfie to include when they clock in or out for their shift.

GPS Smartphone Clock In 

GPS smartphone clock is a feature that allows staff to clock in and out straight from their smartphone. Managers must set their site's GPS location by heading to the 'Sites' tab in their web version account. Staff can download the RosterElf smartphone app for free and start using GPS clock in.

Processing Payroll 

Managers will prepare payroll data each week or fortnight by saving and processing timesheets from 'Rostered Times' or 'Approved Times'. By implementing Time Clock or GPS Clock In, managers can select 'Clock In-Out' as a timesheet for payroll. This is handy as managers can maintain a strict budget and understand actual labour costs against sales data.

RosterElf will also show a variance summary and any notes left by staff during their shifts for the clock in/out. Managers can decide which hours they wish to submit for their payroll timesheets and export to their chosen payroll provider.

RosterElf provides business owners and managers the tools to accurately manage time and attendance for records and meet compliance. RosterElf's suite of tablet and smartphone apps helps managers access their rosters and shifts anytime and anywhere.

Below are some helpful tips to ensure Time Clock is running smoothly:

Refresh the app at the start of each day. You can do this by simply dragging the app screen down or disconnecting/reconnecting to wi-fi or the data network. This will help refresh the app from the previous day's shift and 'wake up' the app after it has been idle overnight.

If the Time Clock app isn't going to be used over a long period, e.g. your business is closed over the weekend, ensure you log out and close the app. This will avoid the app using background data or connectivity issues.

Take 5 or 10 minutes to explain how staff can clock in and out for their shifts and record lunch breaks or sick leave. Ensure logins and passwords are working for each staff before their next shift.

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 Google Android Time Clock

 Apple iOS RosterElf

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