2022 has been a great year for RosterElf and our clients. We launched many new features for our roster software to serve our customers' needs. The latest addition was Onboarding: a great tool to manage your staff onboarding from start to finish. Another feature we have released is Custom Payroll Exporter to help anyone who hasn't had a way to export payrolls, and we've made big improvements to how RosterElf assigns and manages Public Holidays. If there's any feature you're missing, you’re more than welcome to request it here.

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Features we have added in 2022

Staff Onboarding

Staff Onboarding allows you to collect information specific to your business with minimal effort. Whether you need personal details, bank, tax or superannuation details or even particular requirements for your company like medical certificates, licenses and qualifications. Learn more…

Custom Payroll Exporter

If you love RosterElf's magically simple roster software and time clock app, but use payroll software that previously wasn't supported, then stop what you're doing and contact our support team. This will save loads of time getting accurate information from the roster to payroll with no double handling. This, of course, includes Xero payroll integrations. Learn more…

Shift Swap

Multiple staff can nominate themselves for the shift, and management can decide on one of the available candidates to fill the shift. Alternatively, managers can also pick someone else or decline the swap. RosterElf will notify the staff member that requested the change, any staff that nominated themselves, and the successfully swapped person of the outcome. Learn more…

Leave Updates

We've added the ability to see all staff on leave during the roster period you are working on, which now gives you two ways to plan and build your rosters around staff leave. The existing perfect match system will suggest available and suitable staff for the shift on a per-shift basis and show warnings for staff that are not available. Learn more…

More leave features we added in 2022.

Improved Xero integrations

We've improved the way you sync staff from RosterElf to Xero. Now by simply heading to the Settings dropdown in your RosterElf account, you will have a list of Pending and Linked staff which you can either link or unlink from Xero. Learn more…

Fixed salary

Our Salary feature allows you to assign salary pay items to staff, add salary staff to a reoccurring (but editable) roster, accurately budget your labour costs and process salary staff through payroll. Learn more…

We’ve expanded our team to serve your needs 

Due to our customers loyalty and our great in-house sales team, we increased our customer database in 2022. And the reviews reflect that our clients are more than happy with our roster software. The growth gave us the opportunity to expand our team and offer even better support for all your needs. And we are looking forward to continuing to expand in 2023. 

What's up for 2023?

We are always working on new features to help you improve your staff management and increase your productivity. If you want to see a new feature, you can easily apply for it here – the more customers vote for a certain feature, the higher our development team prioritises it.

Coming in Q1 –  2 Factor Authentication

Cyber security is constantly in the news these days, and now with our platform expanding into various areas with the collection of personal information, there has never been a better time to enable 2FA in the platform. We are working towards a mid-February goal to release this to all customers. We already follow best practice guidelines for data encryption and internal processes, but this will close off a common weak point in security: poor password management.

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