RosterElf Product Update - May 2022

A big warm welcome to our RosterElf community - we hope business is going well.

We have been busy over the last few months preparing for some significant feature releases due around June/July and squashing some bugs to give you a better user experience. You may have noticed some changes to leave approvals already released within the system, but we look forward to sharing more about this and other feature releases once they are fully rolled out.

This month, we have released features focusing on Xero integrated customers in two areas.

  • A centralised location in RosterElf to link and unlink staff to Xero

  • Tracking codes for Sites and Positions

1. Xero Employees Sync

We've improved the way you sync staff from RosterElf to Xero. Now by simply heading to the Settings dropdown in your RosterElf account, you will have a list of Pending and Linked staff which you can either link or unlink from Xero.

2. Xero Tracking Codes

We've added the ability to assign tracking codes to Sites and Positions within RosterElf. This will allow you to track staff labour costs in Xero across different areas of your business separately. 

Until Next Month

We hope you like the updates and look forward to updating you next month with the next round of updates we have in the pipeline! There are plenty more exciting features coming that I know will be popular with customers.

Have Questions?

We Have The Answers!

What is the new feature for syncing employees to Xero?

We've improved employee syncing. You can now easily link or unlink staff from Xero via the Settings dropdown in your RosterElf account.

How can I manage my staff's link to Xero in RosterElf?

You can manage staff links by accessing the Pending and Linked staff lists in the Settings dropdown. This allows seamless linking or unlinking.

What are Xero tracking codes in RosterElf?

Xero tracking codes can now be assigned to Sites and Positions, enabling separate tracking of staff labour costs across different business areas.

How do tracking codes benefit my business?

Tracking codes help you monitor and manage labour costs in Xero, giving detailed insights into expenses per site and position.

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