RosterElf Product Update - May 2022

A big warm welcome to our RosterElf community - we hope business is going well.

As part of our product strategy for 2022, over the last couple of months, our development and product teams have been focused on overhauling of RosterElf's leave management module. We know managing employee leave applications is a painful part of running a business, so our goal was to add many new features and tools to make the process much easier. 

Thank you to the hundreds of RosterElf clients who have given us feedback and ideas as part of our work on improving employee leave, it has helped us to deliver a simple yet powerful upgrade.

For Xero users, we have deeply improved the API between RosterElf and Xero to make the connection more powerful when it comes to employee leave management. For MYOB, Sage and other payroll formats, approved leave will now be able to be exported for import as part of your weekly or fortnightly payroll process.

We also have made improvements for Xero users with a centralised location to manage the staff linked between RosterElf and Xero.

In summary, there are 8 areas we have overhauled:

  • Live feed of employee's leave balances from Xero. (Xero Customers)

  • View leave conflicts when approving or declining leave applications. (All Customers) 

  • Additional leave categories and the ability for managers to update the type of leave during the approval process (All Customers)

  • Improved leave warnings during rostering.  (All Customers)

  • Improved leave warnings during the payroll process. (All Customers)

  • Ability to send approved employee leave via API from RosterElf to Xero. (Xero Customers)

  • Ability to export approved employee leave for import into payroll. (MYOB, Sage & CSV export Customers)

  • A centralised location in RosterElf to link and unlink staff to Xero (Xero Customers)

1. Employee Leave Balances (Xero)

For RosterElf customers who use Xero for accounting and payroll, we now offer a live feed of leave balances to assist managers with reviewing leave applications.

When managers open a leave application to review the details on the dashboard, you will notice a new tab "Xero Balance". This will display the current leave balances for the employee requesting the leave request. 

2. Employee Leave - View Conflicts Live

Now when managers process leave requests, RosterElf will show you who else has already had leave approved that overlaps with the current request, allowing you to make the right decision for your staff and your business. 

3. Employee Leave - New Categories

We've added more leave types for staff to choose from when they are applying for leave. We've also allowed managers to update the leave type during the approval process for instances when staff select the wrong type of leave. 

4. Employee Leave - Improved Roster Warnings

We've improved the way we alert managers of leave when they are managing the weekly roster. Now you will see a warning with a list of staff that have leave during the rostering period.

5. Employee Leave - Improved Payroll Warnings

You will now see a similar leave warning during Payroll to allow you to process leave hours taken during the payroll cycle to your payroll system.

6. Employee Leave - Export to Payroll 

For customers using Sage, MYOB or CSV Export, your leave hours can now be managed in RosterElf before you export your timesheets and they will be recorded when you import them into your payroll software.

For Xero customers when processing payroll, you will be able to manage leave hours in RosterElf and they will push through during your normal payroll sync.

7. Xero Employees Sync

We've also improved the way you sync staff from RosterElf to Xero. Now by simply heading to the Settings dropdown in your RosterElf account, you will have a list of Pending and Linked staff which you can either link or unlink from Xero.

Until Next Month

We hope you like the updates and look forward to updating you next month with the next round of updates we have in the pipeline! There are plenty more exciting features coming that I know will be popular with customers.