RosterElf Product Update - December 2022

Being elves, December is always a busy time for us. We have been rushing to stuff our customer's stockings full of exciting features, and we think we've got a few big ones. We've released Staff Onboarding, which will surely be a crowd favourite. Along with our Custom Payroll Exporter for anyone that loves RosterElf but, until now, hasn't had a way to export payroll, and we've made big improvements to how RosterElf assigns and manages Public Holidays. Plus, coming in Q1 2023, we're excited to announce 2 Factor Authentication. Keeping your data safe for your peace of mind.

Staff Onboarding

We're excited to release staff onboarding, as this has been a much-anticipated feature to add to our product. Staff onboarding allows you to collect information specific to your business with minimal effort. Whether you need personal details, bank, tax or superannuation details or even particular requirements for your company like medical certificates, licences and qualifications. We are here to help. First, you simply set up your company requirements, and as soon as you add new staff to the system, they will be prompted to complete their onboarding. Once complete, you can see all their information on the staff card.

Custom Payroll Exporter

Another significant improvement to our platform is the support of virtually any payroll software export with our custom payroll exporter. If you love RosterElf's magically simple rostering solution, but use payroll software that previously wasn't supported, then stop what you're doing and contact our support team. This will save loads of time getting accurate information from the roster to payroll with no double handling. 

Improvements to Public Holidays

We've also introduced a big improvement to public holidays, which automatically applies your region's public holidays to your site when you create a site. For any existing sites, you simply need to add a Country and State to have public holidays applied. From there, public holidays for your region will apply and be automatically maintained by our system. If you need custom holidays, don't worry, you can still customise and maintain your own custom holiday sets.

Coming in Q1 2023 - 2 Factor Authentication

Cyber security is constantly in the news these days, and now with our platform expanding into various areas with the collection of personal information, there has never been a better time to enable 2FA in the platform. We are working towards a mid-February goal to release this to all customers. We already follow best practice guidelines for data encryption and internal processes, but this will close off a common weak point in security: poor password management.

Until Next Month

Thanks again for joining us with our monthly update. We are on the home stretch to the end of 2022. So stay tuned each month, and we look forward to letting you know what's happening at RosterElf.

Have Questions?

We Have The Answers!

What new feature was introduced for staff management in December 2022?

We released the Staff Onboarding feature, which allows businesses to efficiently collect personal details, bank, tax, and other relevant information from new staff.

How can I export payroll data if my payroll software wasn't previously supported?

Use our new Custom Payroll Exporter. Contact our support team to set it up, and it will save time by exporting accurate information directly from the roster to your payroll software.

When will 2 Factor Authentication be available, and why is it important?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) will be available in mid-February 2023. It enhances security by addressing weak points in password management, ensuring better protection of personal data.

How does Staff Onboarding benefit my business?

Staff Onboarding simplifies collecting essential information from new employees, ensuring compliance and efficiency. It reduces administrative effort by automating the onboarding process.

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