RosterElf Product Update - October 2022

Another month down and more goodies to share with you. This month we made it easier to save money on your RosterElf investment with DIY annual billing. We already know RosterElf saves companies heaps of time during the rostering and payroll processes, and time is money. Still, now, with a click of a button, RosterElf can offer you even better value! Winning!

We're also announcing a Series of Webinars in the coming months to assist those that want to maximise their efficiencies using RosterElf. Could this be another time-saving benefit? I think so.

As always, there are some feature updates, including improvements to the Perfect Match Availability Checker and how staff can see their clock in and out data.

Lastly, this month, we've released a feature request board to help our customers have their say on the future of RosterElf.

Annual Billing Updates

You may have noticed along the top banner in RosterElf, we've recently added a notification offering you 20% savings on your RosterElf bill by paying annually. Since its release, annual billing has been extremely popular with customers, and now you can do it yourself within the web app. If you haven't already considered it, why not? Simply click the upgrade banner, select the annual plan and the number of seats you want and update your plan. Magically Simple.

Webinar Series

No matter how Magically Simple, we like to consider our software. Learning new things still takes time and effort, and with reports of labour shortages everywhere you look, we understand that finding time to learn how to implement anything new into the business can be tricky. So we're now rolling out our latest webinar series that will address various value-adding features, tips, tricks and Q&A. The first session for the series is all things Payroll. To find out more, head to our Up-and-Coming Webinars page.

Availability Checker

The Perfect Match system allows you to select the right staff to roster on without conflicts relating to availability, staff leave, position/qualifications and sites those staff can work at. These are all done before selecting the staff member. However, the perfect match system will also warn you when the staff member is already rostered onto that site or another, rather than only warning you when publishing the roster.

Web app - clock in and out times

Staff can now see their clocked times for each shift by logging into the web app and clicking on any past shifts in the My Shifts screen.

Feature Request Board

We have now introduced a feature request board for you to have your say on the future development of RosterElf. If you have an idea, search to see if someone else has thought of it so you can vote on their request or post a new suggestion. We recommend you always try and find an existing request that matches what you are looking for so we can get a true reflection of how beneficial each feature is to our customers. So what are you waiting for? Let's hear from you!

Until Next Month

Thanks again for joining us with our monthly update. We are on the home stretch to the end of 2022. So stay tuned each month, and we look forward to letting you know what's happening at RosterElf.

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