RosterElf Product Update - November 2022

Ok ok... This month's a good one. We've been quietly working away on various exciting features, but this month, I want to focus solely on Open Shifts and Shift Swap bidding.

These features have many similarities, but both stand strong on their own with benefits that you will love and your staff will too.

Shift Swap (bidding)

In RosterElf, staff have been able to swap shifts for a long time. So, for instance, Joe sees a newly published roster notification on his smartphone. He jumps in to check out his shifts and realises he forgot to ask for Wednesday off for some personal matters, and now he has a shift smack bang in the middle of the day. He clicks on the shift and requests a swap. Automatically an email goes to all the staff that can work the same rostered position at the site. Then it would be a race for the fastest person to claim the shift (subject to management approval). 

However, now, multiple staff can nominate themselves for the shift and management can decide on one of the available candidates to fill the shift. Alternatively, managers can also pick someone else or decline the swap. In all circumstances, RosterElf will notify the staff member that requested the change, any staff that nominated themselves, and the successfully swapped person of the outcome. All this can occur with less than a minute spent on the task by a manager.

Open Shifts

Open shifts are a brand-new feature that I know everyone will love. With Open Shifts, you can publish a roster with shifts which you haven't selected a staff member for. Those shifts are emailed to staff and they can nominate themselves for the shift. Management can review the available candidates and select someone for the shift or select someone else if required. 

Webinar Series

No matter how Magically Simple, we like to consider our software. Learning new things still takes time and effort, and with reports of labour shortages everywhere you look, we understand that finding time to learn how to implement anything new into the business can be tricky. So we're now rolling out our latest webinar series that will address various value-adding features, tips, tricks and Q&A.

The next session for the series is a new feature walkthrough which will cover Open Shifts and Shift Swaps, plus other tips and tricks for getting more out of RosterElf. To find out more, head to our Up-and-Coming Webinars page.

Until Next Month

Thanks again for joining us with our monthly update. We are on the home stretch to the end of 2022. So stay tuned each month, and we look forward to letting you know what's happening at RosterElf.