RosterElf Product Update - June 2022

Thanks for joining us for another RosterElf Product Update. It may sound cliche as we are approaching the middle of 2022, but it's hard to believe that we are already so far into the year. Nevertheless, time seems to fly as the world adapts to a lifestyle that expects more done in less time by using more innovative systems and having the answers at your fingertips, which brings us to our release this month.

One of our most highly requested features, Fixed Salary, will save you time and simplify workflows throughout your business. Our Salary feature allows you to assign salary pay items to staff, add salary staff to a reoccurring (but editable) roster, accurately budget your labour costs and process salary staff through payroll. We've also released Annual Billing, which can see you save 20% on your already well-priced RosterElf software costs. Lastly, to help fast-track your experience using RosterElf, you will notice many more Tooltips throughout the RosterElf platform when using the browser version on your computer.

Fixed Salary

In 3 easy steps, you can take advantage of the fixed salary feature:

  • Assign employees to a fixed salary on their staff card

  • Set their hours, positions and locations for each day and (optionally) add them to a reoccurring roster

  • Processing salary staff to the payroll

Early feedback has seen many of our customers love the improvements to budgeting their labour costs. For example, when setting up your roster, you can edit your fixed salary staff hours to suit your business's requirements for that period without causing inaccuracies in the financial summary.

Annual Billing

Frequently we're told that we are one of the market's best value rostering and payroll solutions. However, we've taken it further by offering another 20% off if you pay annually. To see the difference, you can toggle between monthly and annual pricing on our pricing page.

To learn more about annual billing, how it works and how to change to annual billing, look at our help article HERE.


For those unfamiliar with the term tooltips, tooltips are a brief popup that is either an informative message or a link to a help article that appears when a user interacts with an element in a software platform. We've been using tooltips in RosterElf for a long time, but recently we've added a stack more.

Throughout RosterElf, if you get stuck or want to learn more about specific areas in RosterElf, look out for the small question mark '?' icons and clickable Read More statements which take you to our help articles as shown below.

Until Next Month

With the team working hard to add more features and further enhance the existing features of RosterElf, I am excited to say next month will be another great release for our customers. I look forward to sharing more with you soon. 

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