RosterElf Product Update - September 2022

We teased it last month, and here it is. The dev team has been working hard to release the final piece to the leave module. Now you can view employee leave as a list whilst building your rosters and process leave to payroll. We've also updated your dashboard with the inclusion of RosterElf stats and improved the user experience with smartphone push notifications.

Leave Updates

Leave Updates - Rosters

We've added the ability to see all staff on leave during the roster period you are working on, which now gives you two ways to plan and build your rosters around staff leave. The existing perfect match system will suggest available and suitable staff for the shift on a per-shift basis and show warnings for staff that are not available. Plus, our new leave notification will give you the complete list of staff on leave, so you have a clear plan before setting out the roster.

Leave Updates - Payroll

Now in the payroll module, you will see a list of staff that have leave during the payroll period you are working on. You can allocate the correct leave type and the number of hours to process. Xero integrated customers can push leave straight to Xero from the popup modal. Whereas other payroll formats will export leave units as part of your payroll.

Leave Updates - Send to Xero

Xero integrated customers will now have two ways to push leave to Xero. You will have the ability to push leave to Xero during payroll, as mentioned above. However, if you're a manager or admin in RosterElf and have permission in Xero to approve leave, you can send leave to Xero when you approve the leave request. If you don't have permissions, don't worry, as leave will show up in payroll as per the section above, and the payroll team will be able to send the leave to Xero.

Dashboard Stats

If you regularly log into RosterElf from a browser, you will already notice the new dashboard stats card on the top left of your RosterElf screen. Once you become a paying customer, we've replaced the account setup widget on the dashboard with a dashboard stats widget to help you see your RosterElf usage and the value provided to your business. If you want to see the account setup videos, check out our Getting Started with RosterElf section in our knowledge centre.

Smartphone Push Notifications

Last but certainly not least, this one will be popular with everyone, staff and employers alike. We've improved smartphone notifications to include reminders when staff have shifts starting in the next hour and reminders to clock in and out before, during and after each shift. We've also added notifications when new rosters are published and the outcomes for any leave requests or shift swap requests being approved or declined. Staff looking to accept more shifts from other staff that have sent shift swaps will receive notifications for available shift swaps and when a shift they want to take gets accepted or not.

Until Next Month

Thanks again for joining us with our monthly update. We are pushing hard to release more exciting features before the end of 2022. So stay tuned each month, and we look forward to letting you know what's happening at RosterElf.

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