As a manager of your business, it is essential to place the onus on your staff to keep their availabilities up to date and get staff to self-manage their RosterElf accounts.

This will ensure a free-flowing business where all shifts are covered adequately and replaced if necessary. In addition, managers can publish rosters weeks and months in advance with peace of mind knowing staff have set their most current availability and can request leave or shift swaps if something comes up.

Here are some quick tips to ensure your business is running smoothly:

1. Get staff onto the Apps

One of the most effective ways to manage staff schedules is by getting them to use the RosterElf app. By encouraging staff to download the app, they can update their availability directly from their smartphones. This accessibility means staff can easily keep their schedules current, allowing managers to assign shifts more efficiently. With up-to-date availability, managers can allocate shifts to the best-suited staff, ensuring all necessary positions are covered. This minimises gaps in the roster and ensures that the business operates seamlessly.

Staff can update their availability straight from their pockets. This will allow you to give staff the best available shift and cover every position your business requires.

2. Staff update contact details

It is crucial for staff to check and update their contact detail regularly. Accurate contact information allows managers to reach staff in emergencies quickly or when needing to fill a shift at short notice. By maintaining current contact details, staff ensure that they can be easily reached, enhancing communication and responsiveness within the team.

Staff should regularly check their contact details. Managers can quickly contact staff in an emergency or ask them to come in and cover a shift.

2. Staff set their availabilities

Staff should be monitoring and updating their availability as it comes to them. So, for example, if they know they are unavailable the following week due to other commitments, staff can update this from the app and not worry if they will be accidentally rostered on. This proactive approach not only helps managers create accurate rosters but also empowers staff to manage their work-life balance effectively. By taking responsibility for their availability, staff contribute a more efficient and reliable scheduling process.

3. Staff request leave

Full-time or part-time staff can request leave for a certain period which they can do straight from the smartphone app. Casuals can also request a day off using the same method. This will help managers select the most available staff for the week ahead. By managing leave requests efficiently, businesses can avoid understaffing and ensure that all the shifts are covered by available and willing employees. This contributes to a more organised and stress-free scheduling process for both managers and staff.

4. Staff request shift swaps

Rosters can't always be perfect. For example, perhaps a staff member has forgotten to update their availability. If they realise they can't work a specific shift, they can request a shift swap from their smartphone. This will alert all similarly qualified and available staff who may look to cover the shift. By facilitating shift swaps, businesses can ensure that all shifts are covered without overburdening managers with last-minute changes.

5. Staff check upcoming shifts

Once rosters are published, staff can look at the next two months rosters and double-check their shift times. This visibility allows employees to plan their personal lives around their work commitments and ensures that they are aware of their upcoming shifts.

Staff will be happy if they are working their desired days and hours. Staff can form a good habit of self-managing their availabilities and allowing managers to build the perfect roster for the entire team and keep everyone happy.

Start by getting staff to download the RosterElf Smartphone App. From there, staff can do everything from leave requests to shift swaps. In addition, staff can work with managers to help roster weeks in advance and keep everything organised and prepared for busy periods.

The same practice applies to new staff who join your team. It is essential to make them feel part of the team from the get-go. Ensuring they know how to update their availability and check their upcoming shifts will help them engage with the team and their work. This initial support sets the foundation for a positive and productive working relationship, benefiting both the employee and the business.

You can download our full suite of supporting apps here:

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Have Questions?

We Have The Answers!

How can staff update their availability using RosterElf?

Staff can easily update their availability through the RosterElf Smartphone App, available for both Apple iOS and Google Android. They can make changes directly from their phone, ensuring managers can assign the best shifts to cover all business needs. Regular updates help avoid scheduling conflicts and ensure smooth operations.

What should staff do if they need to swap a shift?

If a staff member needs to swap a shift, they can request a swap using the RosterElf Smartphone App. This notifies other qualified staff who can cover the shift. It ensures all shifts are adequately covered and allows for flexibility in managing personal commitments.

How do managers benefit from staff using the RosterElf App?

Managers benefit by having up-to-date availability information, allowing them to publish rosters weeks in advance. The app helps staff self-manage their schedules, request leave, and swap shifts, ensuring smooth business operations and keeping everyone happy and engaged.

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