RosterElf aims to save managers time and keep business growing by meeting financial budgets. Organising shifts and publishing weeks rosters in advance can get tricky. RosterElf has many clever features that help managers roster quicker and allow staff to set their weekly availabilities easily.

For managers, the most helpful feature that allows rosters to be published well in advance is being able to save rosters as favourites and copying previously published rosters.

Staff Availability 

Staff can easily set their weekly availability from the RosterElf smartphone app or by logging in online. By allowing staff to set their availability easily, you won’t have to worry about who is available. RosterElf provides managers with a perfect match tool that tells you if a staff member is available for the shift and is qualified to work the shift. RosterElf will also tell you if they are unavailable to work the shift or are on leave during the shift.

Roster Favourites 

For businesses who know their traffic, for seasonal periods such as Christmas trading or the end of the financial year season - managers can build and save rosters based on how busy they will likely be. For example, if your business used a successful roster during Christmas 2018 and would like to reuse a similar roster, you can open ‘Christmas 2018’ and build your roster from there. RosterElf will notify you if a staff member is unavailable or on leave during the shift.

Copy Rosters 

With rosters that are similar week to week, copying a previous week’s roster helps build weeks of rosters well in advance. Simply click the copy roster button in the web version of RosterElf; managers can select a previously used roster, telling them how many hours, shifts and staff were published for each roster. For example, if last week’s roster was successful (made sales budget, didn’t overspend in labour), managers can reuse last week's roster again and make minor tweaks. Again, RosterElf will notify you if a staff member is unavailable or on leave during the shift times.

As a business manager, you will have peace of mind knowing each shift is covered with your best staff, and staff can also self-service and request shift swaps if they cannot work a particular shift.

Placing the responsibility on staff to update their availabilities constantly is vital in building multiple rosters and covering every shift. Managers can then build rosters around availabilities and ensure each position is covered.

Being able to copy previous rosters or use favourite rosters can be handy in setting a month's worth of rosters and keeping staff happy with their shift allocation.

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