RosterElf is pleased to announce after 6 months of hard work by the team, we have have launched our our clock-in-out solution!

We understand time is money, that’s why we created RosterElf’s Clock-in-out.

With new cloud technology, our simple software uploads real-time attendance data when staff clock-in and clock-out. No need for costly stand alone equipment!

Our key features include:
  • Track staff attendance and punctuality in real time.
  • Automate your paper timesheet processes
  • Sync and populate timesheets directly to payroll
  • Run variance reports to staff rosters
  • Use on desktop, laptop or tablet
Want to find out more? Check out RosterElf's support topics for Clock-in-out:

How to Setup and Use Clock-in-out

Setup is simple, but we are here to help! Simply call us on 1300 353 000 or email us at