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Sage Payroll Solution X RosterElf

Process payroll without the need for an expert.

  • Seamless integration with Sage, a leading payroll software.
  • Save time and benefit from automatic award interpretation.
  • Export approved hours directly from RosterElf to Sage.
  • Empower your business to stay on budget and avoid human error.
  • Unlimited support from both RosterElf and Sage.
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How Do They Work

weekly roster view


weekly roster view

  • Innovative workforce management software
  • Seamless rostering solution for businesses
  • Unique features, including time and attendance, live reporting enabled, and modern awards calculated.
  • RosterElf integrates with your existing payroll software solution.
  • Empower your employees to take responsibility for shift swaps and availability.
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Approved hours for payroll

  • Import timesheets from RosterElf into Sage Wage Easy.
  • Remain fair work compliant with payroll legislation and regulations enabled.
  • Several HR management tools to manage employee details.
  • Reporting tools to help track crucial critical business decisions.
  • Leading accounting software that empowers its users.
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Approved hours for payroll
Manager’s online dashboard view

RosterElf + Sage

Payroll processing made simples

Manager’s online dashboard view

RosterElf integrates with Sage WageEasy, allowing users to send approved time-sheets from RosterElf directly to Sage. RosterElf and Sage have built-in award interpretation calculations, ensuring businesses remain fair work compliant. You can make more time engaging employees and improving customer service by saving time on admin tasks.

Take back time and process payroll faster


Save Hours

Save hours processing payroll and creating timesheets with everything in one place.


Stay on Budget

Live reporting allows you to roster smart and approve hours worked.


Avoid Errors

Eliminate human error with automatic award interpretation already built-in.

Have Questions?

We Have The Answers

What is RosterElf's Sage integration?

RosterElf's Sage integration streamlines payroll processing by allowing seamless export of approved hours directly from RosterElf to Sage, ensuring efficient budget management and reduced human error, with unlimited support from both platforms.

How does the Sage integration benefit my business?

Integrating Sage with RosterElf saves time on payroll processing, ensures accurate award interpretation, helps maintain budget, and minimises errors, enabling better employee engagement and customer service focus.

Is the RosterElf to Sage integration easy to set up?

Yes, setting up RosterElf's integration with Sage is straightforward, designed for ease of use, ensuring you can quickly benefit from streamlined payroll processes without needing expert knowledge. If you require any further assistance, our friendly customer support team will help in guiding and onboarding for your benefit.

Can RosterElf's integration with Sage help with award interpretation?

Absolutely, the integration automatically interprets awards, ensuring payroll compliance and accuracy, saving significant time and reducing the risk of errors.

What features does the RosterElf and Sage integration offer?

The integration offers seamless payroll processing, automatic award interpretation, time-saving on admin tasks, and error reduction, all supported by comprehensive support from both RosterElf and Sage.

How does RosterElf work with Sage Payroll?

RosterElf seamlessly exports approved timesheets to Sage Payroll, simplifying the payroll process, ensuring compliance, and enabling efficient employee management with payroll tools.

Is the integration compliant with Australian payroll legislation?

Yes, the integration complies with Australian payroll legislation, ensuring fair work compliance and accurate payroll processing.

What support is available for the RosterElf and Sage integration?

Unlimited support is available for integration users, with RosterElf and Sage's assistance to ensure smooth operation.

How does the integration improve payroll accuracy?

By automating award interpretation and timesheet export, the integration minimises human error, ensuring payroll is processed accurately and efficiently.

What businesses can benefit from the RosterElf and Sage integration?

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit, especially those looking to streamline payroll processes and improve workforce management.

Can the Sage integration handle multiple award rates?

Yes, the integration is designed to handle multiple award rates, ensuring accurate calculations and compliance for diverse employee contracts.

What are the key advantages of using RosterElf with Sage Payroll?

Key advantages include time savings on payroll processing, error reduction, compliance assurance, and improved overall business efficiency through streamlined workforce management.

Does Sage have a scheduling tool?

Sage itself does not provide a scheduling tool, but it integrates seamlessly with RosterElf, the best scheduling software that allows for effective workforce management and payroll processing when used in conjunction with Sage's payroll capabilities.

How does the integration aid in budget management?

Live reporting and accurate timesheet processing help businesses manage labour budgets effectively, ensuring financial efficiency and goal achievement.

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