Manage better with live sales reporting and forecasting

Lower wage costs and create the perfect roster with accurate sales forecasts and historical sales data.

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Key Features

Top 5 Benefits of RosterElf's Demand Forecasting Tool

weekly view of staff schedule

Live Business Insights

Make better business decisions with sales metrics

With RosterElf's forecasting model, you'll empower your sales operations to make better business decisions. You can find all your critical metrics in one place, making demand planning and market research fast and easy.

Sales Targets

Monitor cash flow with realistic targets

Create the perfect roster with pre-determined wage budgets. Quickly adjust with live updates as you add and remove individual sales reps, always keeping you on budget.

live reporting dashboard
online payroll integration capability

Payroll Integration

Avoid errors and administration time

With RosterElf's seamless payroll integration, you can save administration and reduce errors with automatic payroll updates. Making approving hours fast and reliable.

Team Schedule

Roster with sales activity top of mind

Now you can create the perfect roster at any moment using a simple forecasting technique in RosterElf. With quick and easy adjustments that reflect the sales cycle, you can exceed goals rather than miss them.

view team schedule online
live labour cost report

Labour Cost Report

Create a budget you can rely on

Monitor your conversion rate from product and services sales vs wage costs, and ensure your on target to meet your predetermined labour cost budget.

Staff Roster App

The easiest roster management app for you and your business

RosterElf’s mobile app allows small businesses to manage staff availability, publish rosters, approve staff requests and request shift swaps.

Staff shifts available to edit on app

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