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Roster and Timesheet Reporting

Powerful reporting to optimise your business

RosterElf's rostering and timesheet reports are at your fingertips to help drive business efficiency.

Roster and Timesheet Reporting

Easy reporting for today's business style

People discussing rostering and payroll reports

You Business Needs Data

Rostering and timesheet reporting

People discussing rostering and payroll reports

Chances are, employees are one of the highest costs in your business and one of the biggest drivers of success.

RosterElf's roster and payroll reports provide invaluable data to help improve demand forecasting, optimise schedules and manage labour costs

Analysing our rostered hours, labour cost, average pay rate, and labour percentage trends over time will help find opportunities to improve operations. 

Our customisable reports can be generated anytime, plus live reports during the roster and payroll process provide real-time insights to drive profit and efficiency. 

Live Data

Real time roster costings

RosterElf Live Roster Costings

With RosterElf's award interpretation tool, rosters are always fully costed.

Simply assign each employee to applicable pay templates based on your award, and then let RosterElf do the rest. 

Penalty rates such as late-night, weekend, daily overtime, weekly overtime and even allowances are all included in shift calculations to assist managers in knowing the actual labour cost of each roster before publishing. 

A range of data is presented, including total rostered hours, estimated cost, average pay rate and even labour percentage. 

All this data greatly assists managers in optimising rosters before publishing to maximise labour efficiency while ensuring sufficient resources are available at peak times. 

RosterElf Live Roster Costings
RosterElf Dashboard Roster Trends View

Trends Over Time

See how your business is tracking

RosterElf Dashboard Roster Trends View

Live roster and payroll data are essential, but long terms trends often tell the whole story.

RosterElf's rostering software has a range of trend reports which will clearly show how your business is tracking over time, providing powerful insights. 

Trend reporting includes total rostered hours, estimated cost, average pay rate and even labour percentage. 

See the overall rostering and payroll trends to identify opportunities to optimise resource allocation that can be implemented easily in future planning. 

Constantly track, analyse and then optimise with RosterElf's trend reports. 

Full Data History

Custom reports

RosterElf Roster and Payroll Reports

All RosterElf data is securely recorded on your account, making generating custom roster and payroll reports easy.

Customise date ranges, sites and employee filters and then generate a report which can be downloaded and comprehensively analysed. 

Employee payroll queries are easy to answer with our Roster and Payroll Report, which provides complete records of rostered, time and attendance and approved payroll hours for any employee, any shift in the past. 

Click, filter and generate our reports whenever you need them. 

RosterElf Roster and Payroll Reports
RosterElf Mobile App Reporting

On The Go

Mobile ready reports

RosterElf Mobile App Reporting

Data in real-time that can be easily accessed is a must for modern business operations. 

Our range of iOS and Android mobile apps for managers enables vital personnel to view critical reports from their pockets.

View core roster trends, pending employee requests and other necessary data directly from your smartphone. 

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Know What's Going On!

5 Star Review

Love this app. Easy to roster, approve staff requests and see what's going on in my business.

Laia Vendrell Simats  | Kristine Duran

Manager’s online dashboard view

Roster Software Reporting

Common FAQs

Does this software have a staff sales ratios feature?

Yes, our software offers a staff sales ratios feature, found in our live business insights tool. It's quick and easy to use and gives you the data on hand when you need it.

How important is a sales forecast based rostering system in business?

A sales forecast-based staff rostering system allows you to grow your revenue with the help of historical data and financial successes based on your team’s former achievements. A well-built system will enable you to optimise your business profitability and ensure the right people are in the right roles each time.

How do I use the roster forecasting in this software?

Since our platform is accessible wherever you are, you can use the roster forecasting feature of this software by going through the upper left corner of your window. Everything is already there, from the dashboard to the setting you’ll need in this app.

Should I use roster budgeting for my business?

Definitely! Using our roster budgeting and forecasting software for your business can help you achieve your financial goals as a company. With our sales targets and live business insights features, you’ll be well on your way to reducing labour costs and improving employee morale in no time flat.

What are the benefits of using a sales forecast based rostering for my business?

The benefits of using a sales forecast based rostering for your business include:  making better business decisions based on your numbers, monitoring your financial data and cash flow according to your data, and having error-free management thanks to our automated system. There’s no better time to sign-up for a free 30-day trial.

What factors should I consider when using a sales forecast based rostering system?

You must consider the following features when using a sales forecast-based rostering system:  live business insights; visible sales targets, payroll integration options; budgeting tools; easy staff scheduling system; labour cost reports; and iOS and Android staff rostering apps.

What is rostering and payroll reporting?

Rostering and payroll reporting is the process of providing data relating to a range of workforce management factors, including rostered hours, timesheet hours, average pay rate, estimated roster costs, estimated payroll costs, and labour percentage to sales trends. 

How can I see how many hours each employee is rostered on?

Making sure you share available shifts fairly and avoid employee fatigue is critical. Read HERE to view reports on how many hours each employee is rostered to work before publishing. 

How can I generate custom roster and payroll reports?

This ARTICLE outlines how you can generate custom roster and payroll reports in RosterElf. Filter by date, employee and site. 

How can I generate shift count reports?

Shift count reports provide information on the number of shifts, by employee, over time. To learn how to generate shift count reports in RosterElf, read HERE

How can I generate a staff list report?

Export a list of employee records at any time with RosterElf, including name, email and mobile. Learn how to generate staff list reports HERE

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