ClubsNSW and RosterElf have formalised an extension of their "Strategic Framework Agreement" to 20 years, seeing the partnership with ClubsHR extended until 2042.

In 2020, ClubsNSW and RosterElf commenced their strategic partnership to create a new staff management system, branded “ClubsHR”, to handle a variety of employee administration tasks for the more than 53,000 people employed by over 1,000 registered clubs across NSW.

The digital rostering solution was developed to enable all registered clubs to better manage their staff, without the need for a dedicated HR department, and to streamline many of the administration and compliance processes. The ClubsHR software offers features from roster building and shift-swapping to payroll integration, pay calculations and digital time and attendance management. It also sends real-time staff updates via text and email, and the mobile app delivers a ‘roster on the go’.

Following the formal launch of ClubsHR in March 2021, RosterElf and ClubsNSW agreed the product market fit for the product was so overwhelming that it was in the interest of the industry to extend their partnership until 2042.

"The launch of ClubsHR to more than 1,000 clubs in NSW in January was a huge success, with overwhelming feedback from industry participants,” commented Simon Ingleson, CEO & Founder of RosterElf. 

“We are excited about the prospects of this product and the benefits it can deliver for the clubs in NSW. This is the reason why ClubsHR has chosen RosterElf as its HR software of choice in a unique 20-year deal.”

A range of innovative features will be rolled out in the coming months, including a comprehensive HR document management module which will help drive both compliance and efficiency — from performance management to incident report management tools. Whilst the product rollout has been focused on NSW clubs to date, ClubsHR will now commence rollout nationally with keen interest from clubs in many other states.

ClubsNSW CEO Josh Landis said he is delighted the partnership between his organisation and RosterElf has been extended. “Together, we have created such an innovative product in ClubsHR that is transforming the way our clubs manage their staff members, streamlining their day-to-day operations in an easy, cost-effective way.

“I look forward to seeing ClubsHR rolled out in clubs right across Australia in the near future,” Mr Landis said.

For more information about ClubsHR, please contact on 1300 353 187 or visit

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