RosterElf loves working with a broad range of industries and clients, and we recently had the pleasure of bouncing some ideas around with the team at Rebound Arena to help them more efficiently manage their staff roster.

Rebound Arena is an indoor trampoline park in Port Kennedy, Western Australia. Creating a healthy and exciting leisure centre for the local community, Rebound Arena has become very well-known for being a fun fitness and play space.

Director of Rebound Arena Brett Gilchrist said, "I found RosterElf via a recommendation from a fellow industry operator, and after our initial chat and meeting with the RosterElf team, I could see we had finally found the rostering solution we were looking for."

"I have been delighted with the product, the support and the constant improvements being undertaken to the system. Its functionality is excellent, and its compatibility with our accounting software makes payroll very easy."

Brett said, "RosterElf is a perfect system for our business. We have a young casual workforce, and the RosterElf apps on iOS and Android make it easy for our team to use. I would (and have) recommend RosterElf to anyone looking for a rostering solution".

RosterElf On The Go is a simple smartphone app that syncs with your RosterElf account, giving managers and staff 24/7 access to rosters and staff availabilities. Had a last-minute roster change? No worries! Push notifications to ensure employees are instantly made aware of available or requested shifts which they can then confirm instantly, reducing the hassle of getting in touch with employees or playing phone tag.

If you would like to see if we can help you make your staff rostering, time and attendance easier to manage and much more efficient, don't hesitate to drop us a line at 1300 353 000 or email We'll get you underway with a free trial and start making it "Magically Simple" for you (that's our motto!).