When people think about RosterElf, most think it's for industries like hospitality which are well known for casual workforces.

However, over 50% of RosterElf customers are NOT in hospitality! Instead, RosterElf customers come from various industries such as aged care, manufacturing, retail, security, education, entertainment, and even... swimming schools.

One of our clients is Kirby Swim. A premier Australian swimming school with thousands of kids and adults enjoying their training and facilities every year.

Founded by Bill Kirby, who has a long-held passion for everything water, Kirby Swim has quickly grown to Christ Church Grammar School, Claremont, Mandurah, Karrinyup and Melville. Each location offers a range of classes for babies and children, specialist adult classes, and professional swim squad training.

Given the nature of the business, a big challenge for Kirby Swim before RosterElf was managing the vast, primarily casual workforce of employees and swim instructors.

Director Saskia Kirby spent considerable time trying to find an easy-to-use but powerful scheduling tool to manage staff availability, employee scheduling, time and attendance and payroll integration. She tried several options but found RosterElf to best suit their requirements.

Ms Kirby said she "can't speak highly enough of how much time and money RosterElf has saved the company to date.

"Our business changed to RosterElf over three years ago. Since then, we have saved countless hours of worry and stress, as well as double entering of data that must have saved us thousands of dollars," said Ms Kirby.

The ease of setup and support has also been why Kirby Swim chose RosterElf. "RosterElf is super simple to set up. It has a clear and easy interface and takes the stress out of finding covers for teachers. It also integrates seamlessly with my payroll, eliminating double-entering and reducing mistakes," she said.

"I also love the support. The guys at RosterElf are always available and willing to help, which makes life easier for us. They continuously listen to us for new ideas and ways to improve the system; I can't fault them. Unlike other 'big players, ' these guys own and run the business and are there for their customers. This makes a big difference to me," said Ms Kirby.

Ms Kirby sums it up with, "I highly recommend RosterElf". Thanks, Saskia; we highly recommend Kirby Swim and its legendary team too :)

If we can help you with your rostering, time and attendance and payroll needs, don't hesitate to drop us a line at 1300 353 000 or email help@rosterelf.com.au and we'll get you underway with a 30-day free trial and start making scheduling staff Magically Simple for you.

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