The Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA)  is privately owned in Hillarys, Western Australia.

AQWA was Australia's largest aquarium when it opened and still possesses Australia's largest single aquarium and walk-through underwater tunnel.

Whilst it is busy all year round, the school holidays are the crazy time for the business where thousands of families and children can frequent the venue on any given day. This means that the ability to quickly top up the full-time and part-time workforce with a pool of causal employees regularly is key to making the operation run well throughout the year. With 250 staff weekly at peak times, it is a massive operation!

As General Manager of AQWA John Lowe commented, before implementing RosterElf, managing the casual workforce was a massive challenge, “With many casual employees across several business units, AQWA was struggling to keep on top of staff rostering. Using Excel spreadsheets was inefficient, and senior managers wasted valuable time making alterations."

RosterElf was implemented over 18 months ago, and the business is reporting massive time and cost savings due to a solid rostering solution.

"Costs saving were achieved by dividing the operation into over 15 business units with separate labour budgets. This way, each business unit could be efficient from a rostering perspective. Huge savings were also achieved by eliminating time theft using RosterElf's clock-in-out system to record exact times work of employees through a number of setup stations in the business."

The primary time savings were found across no longer chasing employees for availability and the streamlined process through to payroll with RosterElf's clever integration with Xero.

"RosterElf was extremely helpful in setting up and assisting with training for implementing RosterElf across the business. Efficiency improvements were immediate, and all AQWA employees quickly embraced the user-friendly system. As everyone these days has a mobile phone and receives regular alerts, real-time communication was significantly improved, and RosterElf was an instant success!”

Thanks, AQWA, for your kind words.

We love the fact that RosterElf has made such a positive impact on both AQWA and your employees.

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