The world is changing, and younger generations look for a different type of employer and work conditions than their parents.

While in the past, employees would simply sit and await the delivery of their roster and then fit their personal lives around it at the last minute, the modern employee has different expectations. And fair enough too.

With rostering software RosterElf, staff share some of the responsibility with management to ensure that a robust weekly roster is published that suits the business and its employees.

With RosterElf's rostering software, staff receive their login with which they can:


Staff can indicate the days and times they are available to work. Once they set it, they can forget about it unless their situation changes, and they then need to edit their availability. No more incorrect rosters will be published due to miscommunication between staff and management regarding availability to work.


Staff can also request how many hours they would like to work per week, from 0 to 60 hours. This helps you share the available shifts amongst the team fairly.


Staff can create 'exceptions' to their Availability to Work information by requesting time off they need, for example, for holidays, exams and personal reasons.


Sometimes things come up; we get it. Rather than the employer having to deal with the stress of finding a replacement when an employee requests a shift swap, staff can simply log into their RosterElf account and request a shift swap. RosterElf will offer potential replacements automatically, and if someone accepts, it will send a request to you for approval. No time-wasting phone calls or emails.


Staff rosters and any updates mid-week will be communicated via email and SMS to your staff, and they can log in at any time to view upcoming shifts.



Have Questions?

We Have The Answers

How does RosterElf help employees manage their availability?

RosterElf allows employees to indicate the days and times they are available to work through their login. They can set their availability once and only update it if their situation changes. This ensures accurate rosters and eliminates miscommunication between staff and management regarding work availability.

Can staff request specific working hours with RosterElf?

Yes, staff can request how many hours they would like to work per week, ranging from 0 to 60 hours. This feature helps distribute available shifts fairly among the team, ensuring that everyone gets a suitable number of hours based on their preferences.

How does RosterElf handle time-off requests?

Employees can request time off in advance for holidays, exams, or personal reasons by creating exceptions to their Availability to Work information. This helps ensure that their time-off needs are considered when creating the weekly roster, leading to better work-life balance.

How does RosterElf communicate rosters and updates to employees?

RosterElf communicates staff rosters and any mid-week updates via email and SMS. Employees can log in at any time to view their upcoming shifts, ensuring they are always informed and up-to-date.

How does RosterElf benefit modern employees compared to traditional rostering methods?

Modern employees benefit from RosterElf as it allows them to actively participate in managing their schedules. They can set their availability, request hours, and handle shift swaps, providing greater flexibility and control over their work-life balance. This collaborative approach contrasts with traditional methods where employees had to fit their lives around last-minute rosters.

What makes RosterElf a valuable tool for both staff and management?

RosterElf is valuable for both staff and management because it streamlines the scheduling process, reduces miscommunication, and ensures fair distribution of shifts. Employees have more control over their schedules, leading to higher satisfaction, while managers can create more accurate and efficient rosters with less administrative effort. This mutual benefit enhances overall workplace harmony and productivity.

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