Your roster is more important to your business than you realise. Get it right, your business will perform well, and your employees will be happy. A good staff roster needs to be efficient, fair and well-communicated.

Thankfully the days of pen-and-paper rosters with coffee stains pinned up in your offices are over with rostering software RosterElf.

But here are some tips:


Forget about the people. Focus on the position you need to be filled and at which times throughout the week. Use RosterElf's budgeting tool within the rostering software to ensure you have just enough people where you need them when you need them. Once you are happy, save your template with a name to save you time in the future.


Next, consider your key people and assign them to the most critical shifts. This will ensure you have strong leaders at all times.


Now assign all the other staff to their shifts with a simple click, using RosterElf rostering software's hour calculator to ensure you are sharing the hours best as possible among your team.


Once you have assigned all the positions, hit Next which will take you to the Roster Summary page. Here, you can review how many hours you have given your staff compared with what they have requested. If you need to make any adjustments, go back and update.


RosterElf's rostering software allows you to send comments to your employees and the roster. This is a great way to communicate news, focus areas or business changes.


Once you are 100% happy, select SMS and Email and click Publish. All employees will have their shifts communicated via Email and SMS.

RosterElf makes staff rostering a breeze. Follow these tips with RosterElf, and you will find rostering staff stress will be a thing of the past.


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Have Questions?

We Have The Answers

How does RosterElf help create efficient and fair staff rosters?

RosterElf simplifies the rostering process by allowing managers to use templates, focus on filling positions, and allocate hours fairly among staff. The software's budgeting tool ensures optimal staffing levels, and the hour calculator helps distribute shifts equitably, making the roster both efficient and fair.

What are the benefits of using templates in RosterElf for scheduling?

Using templates in RosterElf saves time and ensures consistency in your scheduling. By focusing on positions and shift times, managers can create an efficient staffing plan. Once satisfied, templates can be saved and reused, streamlining future scheduling processes.

How does RosterElf facilitate communication with staff regarding their shifts?

RosterElf allows managers to communicate shift details via email and SMS, ensuring all employees are informed about their schedules. Additionally, the software enables managers to add comments to the roster, sharing news, focus areas, or business changes directly with the team.

How does RosterElf ensure key staff are assigned to critical shifts?

RosterElf's rostering software allows managers to prioritize and assign critical shifts to key staff members. This ensures that strong leaders are present during essential times, maintaining high standards of performance and leadership throughout the week.

What tools does RosterElf provide for reviewing and adjusting staff hours?

RosterElf includes a Roster Summary page, allowing managers to review the allocated hours compared to staff requests. If adjustments are needed, managers can easily go back and update the roster, ensuring that the final schedule meets both business needs and employee preferences.

How can RosterElf improve overall business performance and employee satisfaction?

By streamlining the rostering process, ensuring fair and efficient schedules, and facilitating clear communication, RosterElf helps businesses operate smoothly. Efficient rostering reduces administrative stress, optimizes staff allocation, and enhances employee satisfaction by considering their availability and preferences.

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