Shift Swaps are a fact of life. Even if you plan the best roster in the world based on up-to-date staff availability information, Shift Swap requests will still happen from time to time.

Hey, life changes!

RosterElf's rostering software can take care of that for you. No more hassling your staff and desperately trying to find replacements.

This is how our rostering software handles Shift Swaps:

1. Shift Swap Requested.

If someone can no longer do a shift all they have to do it hit the Shift Swap button and state the reason they are requesting a Shift Swap (this helps you decide if you want to approve it later).

2. Possible Staff Notified.

The rostering software then sends a notification to all staff (who are qualified for that particular position) of a potential additional shift.

3. Manager Asked to Approve.

If approved by the manager, the roster software will automatically update and all staff involved will receive a confirmation. If declined, staff are notified that the request has been declined and nothing changes. Don't want to even give your staff the ability to request Shift Swaps? No worries, you can turn the ability to Shift Swap off!That's it.

RosterElf's rostering software has taken all the hassles of Shift Swaps out of your life.

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