RosterElf was recently reviewed by  FinancesOnline, a popular review platform for software and B2B services.

The results? Well, the team at RosterElf is simply ecstatic!

RosterElf received two prestigious awards, the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star Award for 2017.

Great User Experience Award

The Great User Experience Award is for SaaS applications demonstrating an excellent customer experience. The team behind RosterElf has and continues to learn from our customers and improve the on-screen user experience through surveys, testing and general feedback.

The award recognised not only a simple but powerful tool in RosterElf but also that we have a culture of continuous improvement as we strive to make our rostering, time and attendance and payroll integration experience even better.

Rising Star Award

This award recognises Saas businesses that a growing at a rapid rate. Each week, RosterElf welcomes hundreds of new customers to our software. This award recognises how quickly our brand has grown globally, attracting various businesses across different industries.

We are wrapped by this recognition by  FinancesOnline which recognised the thousands of hours of hard work the team at RosterElf have and will continue to make the world's best online staff rostering system.


Simon Ingleson

CEO/Founder @ RosterElf

Magically Simple Staff Rostering