Earlier in 2019, we launched our current app suite, receiving incredible customer feedback. But in 2019, the entire development team has focused on making massive improvements to our core web platform.

RosterElf V4.0 

Unlike any of our previous updates, this was a significant overhaul of the present version you're using, something needed due to the sheer size of the new features we wanted to introduce in 2020 and beyond.

Whilst we will notify you early in 2020 after we hit the go-live switch, I wanted to finish the year supplying you with a snapshot of what's coming.

1. Newly designed interface

At RosterElf, we have always believed that simplicity is just as important as functionality.

Our team of User Experience (UX) experts has been working round the clock over the last nine months, reviewing every part of the software and looking out for new designs that may make the platform even easier to use.

The goal has been fewer clicks, more intuitive functionality, and a platform that is faster to navigate, easier to work on, and return to running your business.

You will notice a heap of minor but essential tweaks designed to make life easier.

2. Improved leave management

We have added the flexibility for management to approve and decline leave requests via their smartphone and other mobile devices.

This improvement will enable you to easily keep your leave dashboard clean, giving peace of mind that you've actioned all pending leave requests.

We are improving the notification process for managers and employees to know what's happening with approvals.

3. Manual shift swap capabilities

You will notice in V4.0 that managers have the flexibility to manually select employees as replacements for shift swaps and our popular automatic process.

Manual selection will allow you to quickly find replacements and approve or decline shift swap requests, especially on tight timeframes.

4. Live time clock

Our new look dashboard has greatly improved time clock reporting.

You will see which of your employees were late, clocked in and out, or on break at a glance.

5. Added the "My Shifts" tab

The "My Shifts" section is where your employees see their schedule and the department they are working.

We have completely redesigned this section as an all-in-one place, so your staff can view upcoming shifts, request leave and update their availability.

6. Multiple sets of employee availability 

Availability sets have been the most significant new feature request, and we are glad to be bringing them to you in 2020.

Your employees can now set their availability as needed, particularly during university breaks compared to their standard term.

7. Colour-Coded Positions 

We are bringing colour to your roster.

In V4.0, you will add colour coding to positions to assist you in visualising the combination of core roles on the roster.

8. Roster view has a new look

The latest version carries a heap of minor, however effective tweaks to the rostering view to allow you even more flexibility on how you would like to look at and edit the roster.

You can view all sites combined or filtered by individual sites, positions or employees.

9. Improved payroll view 

Payroll has also had an upgrade to make the process even quicker.

We have added an Autorounding column, which considers the rounding and business rules you have set.

10. Simpler permission levels  

RosterElf re-engineered permission levels to make it easier to pick the suitable level of access for every employee.

So there you have it, lots are coming in early 2020 in V4.0 of RosterElf. The list above is just a tiny low snapshot of what's coming but hopefully gives you a decent overview of what you'll expect in the coming weeks.

Once the new release goes live, I'll walk you through 2020 plans; they are HUGE!

We will reach out when V4.0 is live, but if you have got any questions in the meantime, please let me know.



CEO & Founder


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