We knew it...

but it was great to have the results in black and white.

RosterElf recently surveyed customers, asking them how much they were saving on labour costs since rostering their team on our software. With an astounding 200 customers who completed the survey, we asked customers a range of questions relating to labour costs vs sales (otherwise known as labour %) to get an idea of labour efficiencies before and after RosterElf.

The result was excellent. Our customers saved, on average, 3.4% on their labour costs by implementing RosterElf. In many cases, this equated to $100's dollars each week and $1000's each year, which is money straight to the bottom line.

So how did they achieve this? There were two main reasons:

  • Labour budgeting before rostering
  • Clock-in-out to stop time theft

To learn more about how RosterElf features could help save your business, speak with one of our rostering experts today