Modern industry awards are legislation and a standard compliance determined for each modern industry in Australia. Industry awards are governed by Fair Work Australia and protect businesses and employees in determining the minimum legal pay rate based on age, experience and sector.

The Fair Work Act (FW Act) and the Fair Work Regulations were put in place in 2009 to help protect employers and employees regarding:

- 10 minimum National Employment Standards

- awards that apply nationally for specific industries and occupations

- the national minimum wage

- protection from unfair dismissal

RosterElf incorporates complete award interpretation regarding payroll to ensure pay is accurate and you can track labour budgets. In addition, RosterElf includes pay rates and pay templates to help integrate with your chosen payroll provider, including Xero, MYOB, WageEasy, and Sage.

What are pay rates? 


Pay rates are the specific hourly rates your full-time, part-time, and casual staff should receive. Pay rates can vary between weekdays, weekends, over time and public holiday loadings. RosterElf allows managers to enter each staff member's pay rates based on the award of their industry and level of pay.

What are pay templates? 

Pay templates are groups of pay rates for a specific level of pay that falls under your industry award. Organising your business and pay rates into separate groups to help assign staff to their correct pay rates is essential. For example, a pay template might include:

Level 1 Support

Ordinary Hours $22.00

Late Night $23.50

Early Morning $24.00

Saturday $26.00

Sunday $27.00

Public Holidays $35.00

Level 2 Support

Ordinary Hours $23.00

Late Night $24.50

Early Morning $25.00

Saturday $27.00

Sunday $29.00

Public Holidays $38.00

Pay templates within RosterElf help group together pay rates and help when assigning staff to their specific pay rate. This will help managers add to different pay rates based on various loadings.

By integrating payroll and complete award interpretation with our rostering software, managers can save countless hours each week, pay staff accurately, and maintain compliance.

When processing payroll in RosterElf, your draft timesheets will have all the necessary pay items and loadings to ensure accurate information for payroll. RosterElf will recognise if a shift has been worked during regular hours, weekends, public holidays and overtime.

Award non-compliance can cost hefty fines and damage your brand's reputation. Therefore, it is crucial to speak with your accountant or payroll manager to ensure your business is following the correct procedures and that staff are paid accordingly. If you are found to have underpaid staff, you will require to reimburse lost payback to the underpaid employees.

FairWork Australia has a detailed outlook of modern awards, which you can find here

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