Most businesses heavily rely on meeting sales targets and developing new business relationships. Meeting sales targets will help your business thrive against your major competitors. However, matching the appropriate staff to specific shifts is tricky when trying to reach sales targets.

RosterElf's cloud-based software allows business owners and managers to set their weekly sales targets and understand each shift's labour cost and how it will affect your business.

Before you enter sales targets into your RosterElf account, be sure you have planned your sales structure within your business.

Plan Your Sales Targets and Strategies 

Determine your minimum sales targets needed to bring a profit or, at best, break even. Next, understand the costs in your business and how sales can help cover those costs. Then, develop sales strategies to keep existing customers, attract new customers, and cross-selling to existing customers.

An achievable and realistic sales target based on a well-structured marketing strategy will help staff achieve their sales targets by bringing in qualified leads and brand awareness from various marketing activities such as social media, email and search engine results.


You can enter your daily and weekly sales goals as you build your roster and publish. Your targets will help determine the actual labour percentage of your shifts. You will also need to set up your pay templates and rates to help budget these sales and shift costs.

Once your roster and week have passed and you are looking to send your timesheet to your payroll provider, you can enter your sales numbers and see the actual costs of your shifts and labour percentage.

Our award interpretation tool allows your business to ensure roster budgeting is super accurate by considering individual loadings for weekends, late nights and even overtime.

Sales Reviews 

It's important to review your staff's sales performance and ensure you support them in reaching their goals. Sit down with staff and review sales numbers and activities that can help them.

Effective budgeting is valuable in any rostering solution if you wish to maximise profits and grow a strong performing team.

RosterElf's budgeting tool is simple and powerful; calculating costs live as you build and adjust your roster before processing payroll. Set business targets each week and watch our clever litter calculator presents all the statistics you need to know, including total hours, estimated costings and labour percentage.

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Have Questions?

We Have The Answers

How can RosterElf help in setting and achieving sales targets?

RosterElf's cloud-based software enables business owners and managers to set weekly sales targets and understand each shift's labour costs. By integrating these targets into the rostering process, businesses can better manage their labour percentage, ensuring cost-effective operations while striving to meet sales goals.

What should businesses consider before entering sales targets into RosterElf?

Before entering sales targets into RosterElf, businesses should plan their sales structure, determine minimum sales needed for profitability, and develop strategies for retaining and attracting customers. This groundwork ensures realistic and achievable sales targets that align with overall business objectives.

How does RosterElf assist in budgeting for sales and shift costs?

RosterElf allows businesses to enter daily and weekly sales goals while building and publishing rosters. The software calculates the labour percentage of shifts and helps set up pay templates and rates, providing a clear picture of the budget for sales and shift costs, including considerations for loadings and overtime.

Why is it important to review staff sales performance regularly?

Regularly reviewing staff sales performance is crucial to support their goal achievement. By sitting down with staff to review sales numbers and activities, managers can identify areas for improvement and provide necessary support, fostering a motivated and effective sales team.

How does RosterElf's award interpretation tool enhance roster budgeting accuracy?

RosterElf's award interpretation tool ensures precise roster budgeting by accounting for individual loadings on weekends, late nights, and overtime. This feature guarantees that all labour costs are accurately reflected, aiding in better financial planning and control.

What resources does RosterElf provide for further support and information?

For further support, RosterElf offers customer service via phone at 1300 353 000 and email at Additionally, businesses can download supporting apps for time clock and rostering on both Apple iOS and Google Android, and can book demo sessions for more in-depth assistance.

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