I am pleased to announce after thousands of cups of coffee and lines of code.…RosterElf’s new labour budgeting tool is released and available for you to use. Key features include:

1. Recording pay rates information for each employee, both full-time/part-time and casual employees.

2. Allowing for penalty rates, you can customise in the system based on your unique award.

3. Sales budget field when customers who have revenue-based targets can add sales targets for each day, automatically adding to give a weekly view.

4. Automatic calculation of labour cost, average pay rate and labour % live as you change your roster. Roll over any shift for detailed labour cost information.

5. Thank you to our test clients who helped us fine-tune this tool to be ready for release. The great news is all of the clients involved reported a saving of 2-3% on their labour costs using our clever tool. We love this!

To learn more about our new budgeting tool and how we can help you save some serious money, please email us at customersupport@rosterelf.com

Happy rostering.


Rostering Software