Today is an exciting day. We have officially launched our new Dashboard!

This has been the result of months of hard work by the whole team as we carefully planned and implemented this new feature.

The RosterElf team has carefully listened and tweaked this new release to provide the maximum possible value. We would like to thank all of our clients who have provided great ideas and feedback in recent months as we look to make RosterElf even more powerful and useful for your business.

The core aim of the Dashboard is to make the process of using RosterElf on a weekly basis even more simple and faster to use. We want to get you in and out of RosterElf as quickly as possible so you can focus on running and growing your business.

RosterElf's dashboard is a fantastic way to keep on top of all the important data on your account in one simple view. From tasks you need to do to keep your account clean and up to date, to trends as well as a place to view and action a range of tasks, our Dashboard makes it easy!

To Do.

Our "To Do" section is the first one you will notice next time you login. The aim of this section is to help you get the most out of your RosterElf account and keep you on top of tasks you need to do to keep your account up to date and the data clean. We will give you information such as:

* Employees who haven't been rostered for some time they may have left and need to be made inactive.

* Employees missing pay-rate information which could make your labour budgeting inaccurate.

* Employees who don't have an award or pay template assigned to them.

* Employees who have yet to login so you can easily re-send them a password and login details.

Roster Trends.

This is a powerful element of the new Dashboard. At a click, filter between labour cost, average pay-rate and hours to see trends in your business and make sure you're always on budget.

Our beautiful graph gives a visual understanding of your labour cost trends with detail available just by scrolling over any of the data sets.

Shift Swaps.

Automatic shift swaps are a great feature of RosterEl and loved by our clients. But now, it has become even simpler to use and manage.

The Shift Swap section of your new Dashboard will give you the ability to view and action:

* Waiting. These are shift swaps requested by employees that are awaiting a replacement.

* Pending. Shift Swap requests made by employees where a replacement has been found and waiting you approval will appear here.

* Archive. This section shows a full history of all past shift swaps, both approved and declined.


We have moved all notifications, including employee leave requests to your new Dashboard to make life even easier.

View pending leave requests, including detail as at a click. If the leave request doesn't suit your business, you can easily decline and we will notify the employee for you.

You can now also view all past leave requests, both approved and declined by clicking on the "Archive" button. Easy!


If you're a customer using Clock-In-Out, your new Dashboard will display a live feed of clock-in-out activity for the current day.

Click on any record and you will see full details of the event including employee photo and comments.

Staff Availability.

RosterElf removes the need to keep a record of staff availability as employees can enter the information themselves which keeps you up to date as their situation changes.

Our new Dashboard displays changes in staff availability in a simple, yet powerful way. Click on any update to see complete information on the change made.

We really hope you love what we have created for you, our customers.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on the new Dashboard, please don't hesitate to drop me a line personally at


Simon Ingleson
Magically Simple Staff Rostering