Ever had that moment when you need to urgently contact an employee in the case of an emergency, only to go into your phone contacts to find you haven't got their number?

The next step is the frantic call to other employees to see if someone else has their contact number.

RosterElf has solved this issue with our new range of iOS and Android smartphone apps. We know that business is faster than ever, and RosterElf knows you need everything at your fingertips 24/7. This includes the need to quickly contact employees during a shift.

All managers have access to many intuitive functions to create, publish and update rosters and view trends and notifications on the go. However, a great new feature allows managers to call and text employees directly through the app. The call or text function happens through your regular phone network, but RosterElf's clever app provides a quick shortcut to save you from having to add employee contract details to your phone contacts.

This means each time a new employee joins your business; you don't need to ensure all managers manually add their details to their phones; RosterElf shares this information with all managers.

So how does the call and text functionality work?

First, you must ensure all employees have a mobile number added to their profile. We recommend you do this when setting up your account so your staff can receive SMS notifications. If you have any missing mobile numbers, you can easily add them to your RosterElf account on a PC or the app.

Once mobile numbers are added, any user with a manager permission level will alphabetically view a complete list of active employees. Users even can filter the staff list by site or search for a name to make the process quick.

Then, to call or text an employee, click the relevant icon on the right-hand side next to their name and just like magic - you will be connected.

RosterElf's new range of iOS and Android apps also contains other impressive features, including GPS clock in and out, live management trends, and easy access to all employee notifications that need actioning, such as leave requests and shift swaps.

Find out more about RosterElf's new apps, and speak with one of our roster experts if you have any questions!  

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