Team Holiday is a multi-award-winning holiday program provider across Melbourne and greater Victoria for children and teens.

It was founded by Sam Hoath, a primary school teacher passionate about vacation care and creating positive holiday experiences. As a teacher, Sam shared parents’ concerns about the lack of fun, adventure-filled holiday options. Sam’s concern led to the creation of Team Holiday in June 2011. The program was an instant success with children, parents and schools.

The company now partners with schools, recreation centres, government and corporate businesses to provide high-quality care for over 100,000 children aged 5-15 every year.

Team Holiday has three core services:

  1. Holiday Program. These cater to primary school-aged children and are designed by their specialist Planning and Development Team. This team research, test, and develop the most exciting experiences for the children and then the Teacher-led programs create an atmosphere where children, families and schools have their varied needs met with care and expertise.
  2. Holiday Camps. Team Holiday’s five-day camps are a nurturing place for children to make new friends, create memories and develop confidence and independence. Each holiday period, their highly qualified staff ensure Team Holiday offers a large variety of camp experiences.
  3. Before and After School Care. Recently, Team Holiday has expanded its services to include Before, and After School Care throughout Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales, an instant hit.

But with all this success came massive operational growing pains for Team Holiday as the company struggled to manage a quickly growing casual workforce across ever-expanding venues. The core issue was finding a simple way to capture employee availabilities before the busy school holiday period and then communicate rosters effectively, including necessary last-minute changes like staff shift swaps.

The ability to add new employees to RosterElf and have them enter and update their availability via our staff roster apps was a huge saver for the company. Then excellent communication via email, SMS, and push notifications to a pool of employees regarding shift schedules closed off the gap.

Team Holiday’s HR and Business Development Manager Tim Arnold sums up his RosterElf experience:

“RosterElf has developed a rostering system that is spot on!” We have been using RosterElf to handle rostering Team Holiday’s 250+ and growing casual workforce for some time.

We love being able to view employees' photos to put a face to names and easily see their availability to work live and action any requests they have quickly through RosterElf’s exceptional app.”

“We are incredibly grateful for the service and expertise the RosterElf team has and continues to provide.

Furthermore, their keenness to adapt the system to suit our needs has been terrific. Thanks, RosterElf! “

If you’re looking for a staff scheduling program or time and attendance system at your entertainment venue or educational institution, why not try RosterElf. You can sign up for a free 30-Day trial, and our team will help set you up in no time flat.

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