One of Perth's most loved venues, Purl Bar and Restaurant in Subiaco, has been using RosterElf's staff rostering software for over 12 months and rave about its impact on their business. 

Owners, Bert Mondello and Damien Wilson, were both new to the hospitality game when they took over the business in 2013 but quickly realised staff rostering was one of their biggest headaches. Bert commented, "We were recommended RosterElf by business colleagues in the hospitality industry and were told the product was simple to set up and use, so we contacted the team at RosterElf to help us set up and trial the software." 

"What impressed me from day one was the level of service we received. Business owners are busy people, and finding the time and headspace to implement something like staff scheduling software can be difficult. RosterElf did all the work for us. We simply sent them a list of our staff and an example of one of our current rosters, and within a few hours, the team called me and said we were ready to start our free trial." 

RosterElf has made a massive impact on Purl Bar's business. "What used to take me or my managers three to four hours per week is now taking under 10 minutes. Staff love the system, and as with the mobile roster apps, they feel they have control over when they can work, and we find we can now easily share available shifts amongst the team. 

"RosterElf has also saved us considerable money with the smart but simple labour budgeting tool, which helps us be efficient about where we need staff resources. If you are in the hospitality game, I have no hesitation in recommending RosterElf. It will remove one big stress from your week."

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