Understanding how to manage workplace conflict when it arises can help you become a better manager and build a stronger team. 

While healthy workplace conflict can harness different perspectives, individual strengths, and creativity; negative workplace conflict can undo a team’s efforts.

But before we go ahead and embrace the conflict and all its creative strength, business owners need first to learn how to manage it. 

Here are five key strategies to help you manage workplace conflict. 

Seek to Understand What’s Causing the Conflict

The first step when learning how to manage workplace conflict is to understand the cause, which will enable you to know how it came about in the first place. 

By hearing from both sides the source of the conflict, you can also better understand the disagreement and develop solutions to fit each person’s needs. 

Actively Listen and Let Everyone Have Their Say

To come up with a solution, you need to listen to everyone’s story whos involved actively. 

By actively listening, you’ll have all parts of the story to make an informed decision on how the conflict will be dealt with. 

Give everyone an equal amount of time to explain their side of the story and ensure that you encourage them to be open and honest. 

Brainstorm Ways to Meet the Common Goal

Once you’ve investigated the situation and have a thorough understanding of the issue, it’s time to brainstorm ways to meet the common goal. 

Make sure to sit down with both parties and brainstorm together until all options are exact. From there, you can make an informed decision as to what solution will work best. 

Determine the Responsibilities of Each Person Involved in the Resolution

Once you’ve determined the best solution for the problem, you can decide on each person’s responsibility in resolving the conflict. 

You can also determine that by developing a sound solution with clear goals, the same conflict won’t happen again. 

Build Preventative Strategies for the Future

When you manage conflict in the workplace, it’s essential to review your solution and strategy to see how it works. 

Workplace conflict strategies should be developed so that you can prevent the conflict from happening again in the future. 

Learning to Embrace the Conflict

Understanding the conflict, the source and the parties involved; you can encourage positive competition that stimulates ideas and creativity.