Spur International has been with the RosterElf family for some time. It has quickly rolled out the software across many of its businesses and brands, the most recent being Eagle Falls, a busy family-style steakhouse and grill restaurant chain in Australia.

"We had found a number of technology solutions to add to the business to save time and money but were stuck on finding a good rostering software solution. That is until we found RosterElf! The biggest benefit has been how quickly we can build and communicate the weekly roster for over 150 employees." Commented Kyle Domony, Australian Master Franchisor.

"I can't speak highly enough of RosterElf's rostering software. I've tried all the other major rostering solutions, and nothing compares. I had 150 employees set up in about 15mins, and now my weekly roster is published within 10-15 mins when it used to take me 2-3 hours."

"Not only is the roster published so quickly, freeing up my time, but the shift swaps function has also revolutionised how we find cover for the unforeseen. Being mobile-based and peer-to-peer, staff have commented that this is the best tool we have introduced to the business. They love it"

You can check out Eagle Fall's exciting menu and locations at Eagle Falls.