BATS Theatre is a not-for-profit pick ‘n’ mix of live performance awesomeness that has been brightening up the Wellington night with theatrical good times since 1989.

They nurture creative talent and showcase exciting new NZ performances year around in what has to be one of the coolest venues in New Zealand. Their programme is an alternative mash-up of theatre, dance, improv, stand-up, and experimental work.

In addition to their awesome live venue, BATS has a boutique bar which gives patrons the chance to relax and just enjoy the vibe at this Wellington venue.

With a hectic little team running the venue and supporting acts, Facility Manager Todd Houston was struggling at time to keep on top of his to do list. Finding available employees for the schedule was one of the biggest challenges plus all the last minute roster changes needed to make the show work.

In addition, with the nature of the theatre business, shows can be hard to predict and staff were regularly working back and recording these times and keeping everyone accountable was a huge challenge. They were running off manual timesheets which, in the heat of show time, was always missing in action.

Here is more of what Facility Manager Todd Houston has to say about his experiences with RosterElf:

"I have found it very easy to use myself, as have my Senior Technicians.  But even better is RosterElf has been very easy to train people on.

"The key factor in its ease of use are the easy to navigate menus and clear lay out of the pages. Also the easy to use App for the Staff end of the system has made the transition to Roster Elf much easier."

 "Roster Elf has allowed me to have greatly increased rostering management of Technical Staff while still maintaining easy usability."

So, next time your in Wellington, make sure you pop in and check out the awesome shows at this cool Theatre.


Simon Ingleson
CEO/Founder @ RosterElf
Magically Simple Staff Rostering