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Roster On The Go

Simple Smartphone App

We know that running a modern business is a 24/7 job and you need the right tools at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.

RosterElf on the Go is a clever smartphone app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. It offers a range of features for both managers and employees to help everyone keep up to date with everything RosterElf from their personal smartphone.

Mobile Rostering

Anywhere, Anytime

Need to make last minute roster changes? Or find a replacement employee quickly?

RosterElf On The Go app gives managers the ability to create, update and re-publish rosters from the convenience of their smartphone in a flash.

Selecting from available employees is made simple as the app does all the thinking for you, suggesting potential employees for each shift based on their current availability. With push notifications, employees are made aware instantly of an available or requested shift and are then able to confirm in an instant, reducing the hassle of getting in touch with employees or playing phone tag.

GPS Clock In Out

Time and Attendance

For businesses with a remote workforce, RosterElf On the Go enables your employees to clock in and out for shifts from their personal smartphone without the need for any hardware.

Once the GPS location and tolerance are set, employees are only able to clock in for shifts when they are physically on site. This is a critical feature especially for large scale venues or events.

Employees can also leave comments for managers to review when processing payroll to make the job easy.



In Your Pocket

The RosterElf On the Go smartphone app offers managers the ability to view as well as action all the important RosterElf notifications directly from a smartphone.

Approve or decline shift swaps and leave applications as well as review employee availability to work updates directly from the app.

My Shifts

When You're Working

All users, including managers and general employees have the My Shifts section on the RosterElf app which is a simple yet powerful way for everyone in the business to keep on top of all their upcoming shifts.

Employees can view all the shift details they need to know including management comments, position and location information.

Staff can also request swaps, sync shifts to their smartphone calendar and even get GPS directions to help them get to work on time.

One App

Different Access

Managing access levels is easy, as managers and employees can have completely different access levels to RosterElf on The Go based on the permission level set for each employee.

Managers can roster, add and delete employees and view a range of notifications for approval while employees have a simpler version that gives them only the ability to update personal details and availability to work or view their upcoming shifts.

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