Millennials, also known as “Generation We”, are the generation born between 1980 and 2000.

They’ve received some reasonably stark criticism with previous generations calling them lazy, entitled and pampered by their parents. 

But above these, there are five important traits to consider when hiring millennials. 

Millennials are Multitaskers

Today’s millennial is surrounded continuously by sensory overload, making them extremely talented in juggling multiple tasks at once. 

While they can manage multiple responsibilities, they are still just as easily attracted to their new iMessages and Instagram notifications. 

To make sure they stay on track, give them clear direction and expectations. 

Millennials are Tech-Savvy

While millennials are soon to be surpassed by Generation Z when it comes to technology, they are still incredibly tech-savvy. 

While this skill may not be relevant to every job, it’s an essential trait because they can adapt well to any technological changes in the business later on. 

They don’t need hand-holding when setting up their email and are quick to problem solve because technology is in their DNA. 

Millennials are Ambitious 

With online mentors such as Tim Ferris, Gary V and Youtubers alike, millennials are ambitious to be successful.

They want a flexible work-life and will push the boundaries until they can achieve this. 

They don’t want to be conformed to a 9-5 life so you’ll likely find a millennial with a side hustle, an Instagram following or a grand plan to travel the world once they hit a steep savings goal.


Because their minds always a flurry, looking for the next step, it’s important to keep them engaged and steer their ambition towards the task at hand. 

Millennials Care About Culture and Diversity 

Millennials are the driving force behind what we know today as company culture. They are what companies build a company culture around. 

Millennials apply to companies that highlight strong company culture and incentives on their website. 

In addition to company culture, millennials want to ensure that the company is inclusive of diversity. 

Millennials Seek Strong Company Values 

Millennials are incredibly loyal, and they can quickly turn on brands if they feel the companies values don’t align with their own. 

It’s the same with their careers. They seek out companies who offer career progression and transparency. 

They believe in authenticity and collaboration and will apply for jobs with companies that reflect these values. 

Fact vs Fiction 

Millennials are undoubtedly unique and come with a new set of challenges for managers, but this is true for every generation. 

Millennials come with a lot of traits that are a benefit to the workplace and can help to progress the business.

If you try to understand, embrace and be open to being flexible in your management style, you’ll find that Millennials can be some of your best employees.

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