Do you have any tips & tricks for roster managers and their staff? We sure do! 

When making a roster, it is also important to keep your employees happy and satisfied since this will translate to higher productivity and better customer service, which will result in an overall good customer experience.

If you are curious about how you can achieve this, here are some tips for your roster managers and staff: 

1. Allow Shift-changes

Nothing beats a job that provides a flexible and convenient schedule. When making a schedule for your employees, always consider your people’s time and make sure that their schedule is arranged appropriately relative to whether they are working full time or part-time. You should also arrange a system where changing shifts within a certain period is allowed.

2. Take the Preferences of your Employees into Account

You can ensure that your employees remain happy and satisfied when you respect their preferences. Being considerate about the preferences of your staff will have a huge impact. As a roster manager, you will want to avoid putting staff in a schedule where he/she is unavailable. It means a lot to your employees when they see that you are taking their preferences into account.

3. Match the Shifts with the Right Skill Sets

When you assign an employee to a shift, you must ensure that it fits them perfectly in terms of their role and skill level. This will guarantee that your employee will work efficiently. Aside from the job working smoothly, you will not stress your staff since they will not be doing anything alien to them, allowing them to work confidently.

3. Let your Staff Members Take a Breather

Avoid burning out your employees and let them take a break from working all day. Allow your staff to refresh by giving them some time to take a breather so that they will be prepared for their next hours on their shift again. Letting your staff take a break is an excellent way to keep them feeling satisfied and happy.

4. Unbiased Scheduling

When plotting the schedule of your staff, it is important that favoritism is avoided. Yes, friendship at work is encouraged because this will promote a good working environment in such a way that it will promote higher employee happiness, better job performance, and team unity. However, this can lead to some bias when creating schedules, especially since it is inevitable that a roster manager gets closer to a shift worker than the other. Avoid making your employees feel left out and unhappy by ensuring an impartial schedule creation.

5. No to “Clopening”

“Clopening” is the term used when you are expected to close the shop for the night and then return the following day to open the shop. 

Clopen shifts happen because an employee has been trained to do tasks that can only be done at closing and opening times, like counting and locking cash at night and then putting it back in the morning. However, this kind of shift will result in a lack of sleep, which can lead to fatigue and stress, and that is why clopening shifts must be avoided at all costs.

6. Keep a Consistent Schedule

Your employees should have a regular schedule to avoid uncertainty, which can lead to work-family conflict and stress. They should be informed about their schedule ahead of time, so make sure to release their schedule early and minimize changes. This will help maintain high levels of satisfaction and happiness.

7. Stay Prepared for the Busy Hours 

You must be aware of your peak and off-peak hours so that you can find the right balance between the schedules of your employees. You should avoid putting the same stress of the peak hours on the same employees if you do not want them to feel burnt out and unhappy.

There you have it. Some of our best tips and tricks for effective rostering. Follow these and both your business and employees will thank you.