Whether you manage multiple retail stores, a restaurant chain or several aged care homes, this article will help you learn how to select the right roster software regardless of the industry. 

With the right roster software, you can effectively manage employee schedules and compensation across your job sites without the headache of excel spreadsheets and timesheets. 

Rostering software that can handle time-tracking, shift swaps, and payroll will help you streamline management and focus on improving company morale. But, beyond these essential features, you should look for a few things when selecting the right roster software. 

1. Consider a pay-per-employee pricing plan

Since the pandemic's start, consistent hourly workforce employees have been challenging, with businesses having to close so abruptly. And with an uncertain future, it's worth giving yourself peace of mind and selecting a rostering software that allows you to pay per employee. 

If a job site closes its doors, you don't have to pay for a service you're no longer using. Then, when the locations open again, you can stay on budget and build a roster you can afford. 

2. Allow for multiple employees to work across various locations

Your best employees are your strongest weapon when filling in the gaps and staying on budget. When selecting a rostering software for multiple job sites, consider one to roster employees across each location. That way, if one location is going to be busier than the others, you can roster your best employees to step in when you need them the most. 

To ensure you're remaining fair work compliant, you can automatically calculate award interpretation and hours worked to avoid overtime. 

3. The ability to set up sites within a single location

Within a single job site, there can be multiple areas that you need to roster staff for. Industries and locations where this is standard include hospitals, restaurants, construction and security. For example, if a hospital needs to schedule staff to particular wings, each hospital wing can be an individual job site.

4. Choose a magically simple roster software

Now that you've saved time when scheduling different job locations, you want to try and save time in other areas. Choosing the right rostering software can give you the ability to create roster templates, integrate payroll and accounting software, clock in and out digitally, and update employees with shift updates by sending automatic SMS and email notifications. 

By upgrading your current rostering tools and processes to a rostering technology such as RosterElf, you can quickly save time and make more room to focus on customer service and employee engagement

With RosterElf's 30-day free trial, there's no credit card needed, set up takes less than 30 minutes, and you can explore all of its premium features. 

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Why should I consider a pay-per-employee pricing plan for rostering software?

A pay-per-employee pricing plan offers flexibility, especially during uncertain times. If a job site closes, you won't have to pay for unused services. When locations reopen, you can stay within budget and build affordable rosters without financial strain.

How can rostering software help manage employees across multiple locations?

Rostering software designed for multi-location use allows you to roster employees across various sites efficiently. This helps ensure you have enough staff at busy locations and helps manage overtime by automatically calculating award interpretations and hours worked to stay fair work compliant.

Can I set up multiple sites within a single job location using rostering software?

Yes, advanced rostering software allows you to create and manage multiple areas within a single location. This feature is ideal for industries like hospitals, restaurants, construction, and security, where different departments or wings require separate staffing schedules.

What features should I look for in simple yet effective rostering software?

Look for rostering software that offers:

  • Easy roster creation and management
  • Integration with payroll and accounting software
  • Digital clock-in and clock-out functionality
  • Automated SMS and email notifications for shift updates
  • Customisable roster templates

How does rostering software like RosterElf save time and improve efficiency?

RosterElf streamlines the scheduling process, allowing you to create templates, automate notifications, and integrate with payroll systems. This reduces administrative tasks, giving you more time to focus on customer service and employee engagement. RosterElf also offers a 30-day free trial to explore its features without commitment.

How can I get started with RosterElf and explore its features?

Getting started with RosterElf is simple. You can sign up for a 30-day free trial, which doesn't require a credit card and takes less than 30 minutes to set up. During the trial, you can explore all the premium features. For more information or assistance, you can chat with a member of the RosterElf team.

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