How to Save Time and Money with Employee Scheduling Software

Are you tired of wasting time on the phone trying to schedule employees' work? Feeling ragged dealing with the hassle of paper-and-pen timesheets? If so, it's time to switch your gear and invest in employee scheduling software. There is more to this app than meets the eye, as it can help you save time in several ways.

As you read along, you’ll understand the importance of having employee scheduling software in your business. 

1. Automate Process

It can automate the process of creating employee schedules. You no longer have to spend hours on the phone or manually enter data into a spreadsheet. The software will do it all for you.

With the right employee scheduling app, you can track employee productivity and make changes to the schedule as needed. This way, you can be sure that your employees are working when they're supposed to be and not wasting time (and money).

Many great cloud-based employee scheduling apps like RosterElf's cloud-based scheduling software are available today. Do some research and find one that fits your needs. You'll be glad you made the switch!

2. Communicate with Staff

It can help you communicate with employees more effectively. With most scheduling apps, you can send notifications about schedule changes or new assignments via text or email. This ensures that your employees are always aware of what's happening and eliminates the need for last-minute scrambling.

3. Reduce Labour Costs

In addition to saving time, employee scheduling software can also save you money. One way it does this is by reducing labour costs. When you use an automated system to create schedules, you eliminate the need to pay someone to do it manually. Ensuring that employees are adequately staffed can avoid the costly penalties associated with overscheduling.

4. Send Notifications About Schedule Changes

With most scheduling mobile apps, you can send out notifications about schedule changes or new assignments via their mobile devices or tablets. Employees are then fully aware of schedule changes, new shift assignments, projects, and other essential updates.

5. Allow Employees to Swap Shifts

If you have tried to coordinate a shift swap between two employees, you know how difficult it can be. With employee scheduling software, you can create a system that allows employees to find someone to cover their shifts. This not only saves you time but also reduces the stress that your employees feel.

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6. Minimise Overtime Hours

Manually creating schedules is complex and leaves you open to various expenses, including overtime. When trying to cover all shifts and client needs, it can be easy to overlook that you’ve scheduled people unevenly. For example, you might have one employee with 30 hours while someone else has 48 hours in the week. 

This can lead to extra costs in terms of overtime pay.

7. Reduce Attrition Rate

Whenever you plan ahead and adequately schedule to best utilise your staff without overworking them can create a massive positive impact—boosts your employees’ morale. Keep in mind that it costs 1.5 times more for you to replace an employee than to keep a good one. Hence, employee morale is as efficient and vital as human relations. 

You can avoid these issues in the future with employee scheduling software. So, never underestimate what this powerful software is capable of doing. It’ll help you create a more balanced schedule that relies less on overtime hours. Thus, saving you money and making your employees satisfied. 

8. Increased Productivity

Your employees are more likely to be productive when they are happy with their work schedules. If there’s work-life balance, they are less stressed out and are more focused on their tasks. Increased productivity can then lead to a better retention rate and customer service. 

Use RosterElf’s scheduling tools to manage time-off requests and shift swaps. The system can automatically check for any issues or schedule conflicts when an employee submits a leave request. This way, you can avoid being under or overstaffed, especially during specific periods. 

This not only improves communication and keeps you organised, but it can also save you time and money in labour costs.

9. Understand Your Employment Needs 

Relying on manual scheduling to know if you have sufficient employees to get the job done is challenging. Predictions may lead to employees overworking while they try to get massive amounts of work done, which is unrealistic. 

With an employee scheduling app, you can better understand your needs as an organisation. You can even consider future-pacing questions such as how many workers you’ll need if you add more customers? Or how many reps you’ll need to maintain response times during the holidays? 

Arming yourself with the data that scheduling software can provide allows you to make hiring decisions in advance. You’re ready with trained staff whenever volumes spike to cover the need. With the right number of eligible people on board, you’ll drive up your revenue and reduce customer issues. 

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10. Ensure Compliance with Regulations

In certain industries, there are compliance regulations dictating the number of staff that must be on-site at all times. There are also laws surrounding the maximum number of hours an employee can work in a day or week. Employee scheduling software with built-in labour law compliance features can take the guesswork out of ensuring your business is adhering to these rules.

Additionally, if you have employees who clock in and out using a time clock system, this data can be seamlessly integrated into many employee scheduling software platforms. That way, you have an accurate record of their worked hours to reference in case of an audit. 

This type of software can also help you manage overtime hours. By tracking worked hours in real-time, you can more easily identify when an employee is approaching overtime and make changes to the schedule before they rack up extra hours. This saves you money on labour costs and helps keep your employees happy by ensuring they're not working excessive hours.


An employee scheduling software is, without a doubt, worth it if you want to save time and money. Having the right application in place can streamline your workforce’s operation, enhance better communication, and make your team more generally efficient. 

That said, with RosterElf’s cloud-based scheduling software, you’ll always know the actual cost of every roster before publishing it. It can even maximise profitability and optimise shift times, all while making sure there is enough coverage during hectic hours. Our software is accessible anytime and anywhere using your computer or mobile device. 

You and your entire organisation deserve better. A win-win situation. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now at 1300 353 000, and we’ll be happy to assist you. But wait, there’s more! 

To experience our top-tier scheduling interface firsthand, you can access our 30-day free trial, too! 

Have Questions?

We Have The Answers

How does employee scheduling software automate the scheduling process?

Employee scheduling software automates the creation and management of employee schedules, eliminating the need for manual data entry and phone calls. This efficiency saves hours of administrative work each week.

Can scheduling software help reduce labour costs?

Yes, scheduling software helps reduce labour costs by preventing overstaffing and ensuring optimal shift coverage. It automates scheduling, reducing the need for manual input and oversight, thereby saving money.

How does employee scheduling software improve communication?

Employee scheduling software improves communication by sending automatic notifications about schedule changes, shift assignments, and important updates via text or email. This ensures employees are always informed and reduces last-minute confusion.

How does scheduling software assist with compliance regulations?

Scheduling software helps ensure compliance with labour laws by automatically tracking worked hours, preventing excessive overtime, and ensuring proper staffing levels. It integrates with time clock systems for accurate record-keeping.

Can employee scheduling software help with shift swapping?

Yes, employee scheduling software allows employees to easily swap shifts within the system, reducing the administrative burden and ensuring shifts are adequately covered without conflicts.

How does scheduling software help minimise overtime hours?

Scheduling software minimises overtime by providing real-time tracking of worked hours, alerting managers when employees approach overtime limits, and enabling adjustments to avoid unnecessary overtime costs.

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