Having a lot on their plate, an unstreamlined employee leave management can be a sore point from your worn-out HR. This can affect your other employees, too. Hence, at all costs, this is something you need to preclude to avoid high employee turnover. 

A smart leave application process guarantees your business to work seamlessly all while giving your staff an opportunity to recharge or attend to urgent family needs. However, establishing a fair balance between well-managed business and a satisfied team can be a knotty challenge. 

Sure enough, employees will flood your HR team with time-off and leave balance requests when working or non-working holidays start off. 

So, how do you exactly manage employee leave? What are the key elements? As you read along, you’ll know strategic ways to manage employee leave applications. 

If you’re ready, let’s dive in!  

This article covers the following: 

  • What is Employee Leave Management? 

  • Benefits of Employee Leave Management 

  • How you best manage your employees’ leave requests:

  • Manage Staff Schedule with RosterElf Scheduling Software

  • Manage Staff Schedule with RosterElf Scheduling Software

  • Takeaway 

What is Employee Leave Management? 

The process of managing staff leave requests—employee holidays, vacation, sick leave, and paternal leave is called employee leave management

Effective leave management handles time-off requests in a reasonable and precise manner, as well as adheres to the legal policy. This is so your workforce gets the benefits while your business runs swimmingly all throughout. 

As this can be easier said than done, having vivid leave management in place is of utmost importance. This makes the handling of leave requests more systematic and well-ordered, ensuring everyone in your team is in the same boat. 

Benefits of Employee Leave Management 

You may probably find it counterintuitive, but giving your employees great leave perks possesses a myriad of benefits for your business and as a whole. 

  • Establishes compliance with labour policy

  • Boosts employee retention and satisfaction

  • Creates consistency of guidelines throughout the workforce 

  • Increases team efficiency and productivity

  • Cuts down the number of errors in the management process

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Here’s how you best manage your employees’ leave requests:

1. Set in Place a Clear Leave Process 

Work hand-in-hand with your human resources department to assess the type of leave structure your organisation should follow. For example, you can establish a time-off requests policy based on tenure rewards, accumulated time, or arrange a number of leave credits for all workers. 

Once done, distribute the said policy to all employees. Make use of read receipts in your communication channel to ensure they’ve read the amended protocol. 

2. Collate All Time-off Requests Under One Place 

How are you handling leave requests? Through emails, text messages, channel chats? 

In reality, no one has the luxury of time to scan through documents, spreadsheets, and voice messages. Instead, take the opportunity to use RosterElf’s leave management software to easily oversee your team’s leave requests. 

Our leave mobile app is designed in a centralised system in which you can view various leave type requests and time-off balances. In that, it’s way easier for your employees to ask time-off requests, easier for you to respond, and simpler to track leave applications. 

3. Comply with Forced Leave Standards

There are quite a few prerequisites for managing days off—cultural celebrations, employee holidays, and special events. To top it off, there are additional standards set forth by the government that umpteen industries must comply with (e.g. Fair Work in Australia). 

Having a leave management system with built-in fair work compliance makes adherence to these standards easier. With this, you can then automatically block leave requests for special dates when you need your staff to work—and still, comply with forced leave essentials. 

4. Set up a Communication Channel With a Simplified Tool

Establishing a line of communication is vital in every aspect of a successful business operation. And when it comes to time-off requests or questions, let your employees know they can—and should—come to you. Create an understanding work culture, and make your staff feel they shouldn’t be intimidated to request you for leave. 

It’s also a great move to put a minimum time buffer between actual days off and leave requests. That said, an employee shouldn’t be able to send any time-off request 2 weeks before holidays.  This will give you ample time to assign other team members to cover their shifts. 

Remember, solid communication is the nitty-gritty of a good and effective employee leave policy. So, make sure to follow these best practices. 

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Manage Staff Schedule with RosterElf Scheduling Software

Managing your leave process through intricate and manually controlled structures can be a big-ticket and is prone to mistakes. Therefore, going the route of automating your leave management is an optimal solution. Your employees will have access to self-service features in which they can submit leave requests and check benefits. 

You can even view approve and decline time-off requests in real-time. Our system can instantly track team members’ leave requests and compare them with their unused leave credits. Not just that, our software is also capable of tracking all requests for approved, unused, and authorised leave from employees, as well as keeping records as needed. 

Moreover, an automated leave management structure enables you to ensure unbiased and precise compliance in terms of the absenteeism policy. You can even customise leave requests and allow streams to cater to the needs of your organisation. 

Above all, you can access the collected information with ease for the purposes of analysis, financial assessments, and sales reports

Advantages of using RosterElf scheduling software: 

  • Gives you the ability to create, update, and re-publish work schedules through your smartphone. Talking about convenience and smooth-sailing processes.

  • Employees can better manage their time with the help of push notifications.

  • Employees can do auto-shift swapping via their account on the RosterElf mobile app.

  • Employees can easily tap the schedule they want to swap and provide a reason why.

  • You can approve shift swaps or changes through your RosterElf account. 

  • No need to worry about finding the most suitable employee to cover the gaps with our “perfect-match” algorithm. 

  • Our payroll tool can provide you accurate roster and payroll labour costs in real-time. Thus, helping you leverage business sustainability and profit. 


The ins and outs of your employee leave management—attendance control and PTO tracking—become plain sailing with the right support systems and policies in position. And to keep your projects on course and your team on the same page, use RosterElf to document leave procedures. You can lay out plans and responsibilities for workload deliverables as your staff works and takes their days off. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up for a 30-day free trial of RosterElf to experience firsthand how you can handle time-offs, last-minute changes, and schedules under one software. You can also give us a call at 1300 353 000 to know about our products and services

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