Hiring employees is considered the one of the most important steps in any business, if not the most important step you have direct control over. The less people you hire, the more crucial it becomes. The more strategy you use to approach such a situation the more you will ensure a strong collaboration with existing staff. Former CEO of Porshe stands by his philosophy; “Hire Character, Train Skill” and here's why.

When hiring staff you need to keep in mind not only if they will exceed in their new position but if they’ll fit in with the pre-existing workings of your already established organisation.

But is that to say that someone who will be excellent at their new position but who might not fit in should be over ruled by someone who has the potential to exceed and will a be great asset to the cultural organisation of your business?

Choosing to hire character over skill has a heap of benefits:

* Happy brains result in on average 31% more productivity.

* Happy employees will stay twice as long and be more loyal reducing your turnover.

* They are 2 times more focused on what they are doing.

* They take 10 times less sick days.

* They believe they achieve their potential 2 times more.

Always hire based on character and then train the skills needed, not the other way around.


Simon Ingleson

CEO/Founder @ RosterElf

Magically Simple Staff Rostering