On average, 1 in 7 Australians is likely to seek new employment, with studies revealing employers are experiencing a 15% employee turnover churn over the past year.

An increase in staff turnover can affect revenue, productivity, and overall team morale. Therefore it is essential to carefully mentor your employees and provide a collaborative working environment for staff to grow.

So how do you build a winning and loyal team?

Follow these 15 ideas to boost your team's morale and performance - and show them you appreciate their efforts.

1. Have A Plan

It's a good habit to write down your plan as to what objectives you want to reach and what methods you will use to meet them. You may look to recruitment blogs that cover topics such as building positive team cultures or how to communicate with your staff. Writing down your plan is the best way to start.

2. Ask Your Staff

Involve your staff in the decision-making process. This will help include everyone and brainstorm different ideas to meet the common goal.

3. Funny Trophy

Championship teams in sports receive a giant trophy when they achieve the ultimate success. So why not try to implement this in a fun way - such as best dressed to make it a fun staff recognition and get everyone involved.

4. Peer Recognition

Encourage peer support and camaraderie by allowing staff to become more aware of each colleague's team contribution. This will allow employees to become business leaders and provide a positive role model to current and future staff.

5. Old School Personal Note

A handwritten note thanking them for their efforts and achievements goes a long way. The effort and time it takes to write a note compared to a text or email will have more sentiment and value.

6. Happy Birthday

Organise a birthday cake or card for the office to sign and leave a message. Perhaps include a birthday calendar for the office to see and give out small, fun presents to break up the day.

And don't forget the birthday cake.

7. Team Rewards

Organise after-work drinks or dinner that recognises the achievements of the team. Ask staff's opinions on ideas such as dinner, mini-golf, paintball etc. Out-of-work events will help break up the day-to-day routine of your staff, and you get to learn a little more about their interests.

8. Website mugshots

Give your website and company a face that shows you are human and personable by adding photos and bios of your team. Ensure it covers a range of staff and not just top-level employees.

9. Hall of Fame

Create a section in the office dedicated to a collage of employee photos. It's popular and fun and includes your entire team. Also, it's a good way for new and current staff to introduce themselves.

10. Work Anniversaries

Don't forget upcoming work anniversaries, congratulate employees for staying, and provide a reward such as a pay increase, gifts or paid day off.

11. Quick Treats

Hand out delicious snacks such as chocolate or cupcakes to show your appreciation for the goals your staff have met. Try this once a week and switch between treats (perhaps movie tickets or free lunch)

12. Lunch with Boss

Get your staff out of the daily work routine and invite the team or individuals to lunch. You can choose to talk business ideas over a slice of pizza.

13. Day Off

Bueller? ..Bueller? ..Bueller?

Reward your high-performing staff with a paid day off once in a while. It will give them a well-earned break to reset and recharge. But it will also provide a benchmark for others to strive for and a bit of extra motivation.

14. Personalise Gifts

Personalised gifts such as coffee mugs, pens, shirts etc., will show how much your care for each individual, and they will understand the time and effort into the gifts.

15. Say Thank You!

Always say thank you. It's simple and takes two seconds out of your busy day. It will mean so much to those who hear it.

Start small; perhaps pick some ideas to implement at the workplace and ensure your team are engaged. Remember to track how your team is taking in the new activities.

Your business performance and morale won't change drastically overnight, but taking it day by day will see you reach key long-term goals and build a healthy work culture.

Each staff will have different methods of learning and react differently to change. Therefore, it is vital to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

Best of luck with your process!


Chris Fordyce

Customer Success @RosterElf

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